Idle/Rev Clips Post 'em Up!

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  1. I considered it for about 2 seconds...but my car sounds like chit compared to everyone else's so screw it.

    hey, asecretfile, what color is your car? Is that some kind of grabber blue?
  2. I think its called Bahama Blue Im not sure...bought it that way :shrug:
  3. I was just thinking how these kind of threads are pretty much misleading for the new comer. I bet a lot of people watch these clips of cammed out 500hp cars with 3 inch exhaust and say "oh man i'm gonna buy THAT muffler because it sounds sick".

    I honestly would love to take a 500hp Mustang and put some Honda fart pipe mufflers on it...just to show that it doesn't really matter what muffler you run on an engine that powerful, it's going to sound mean no matter what.
  4. Thanks, it need to be repainted and hopefully that will come before summer. I will probably go back with the original Competition Red that is on it.

    Those are 3" flowmasters and IMHO there is no better sounding muffler on any V8. I have 3 1/2" dynomax bullets on a .030 over big block 440 and they sound like crap. I would rather just have open headers compared to them. It will also get a set of 3 1/2" 2 chamber Flows before race season starts. So you aren't going to put any old muffler on it and get great sound no matter how much horse power it makes or how big of a cam is stuffed in it.

    And I hardly think my 306 with stock casting iron heads is pushing anything close to 500hp!
  5. catted xpipe?
  6. helllllllz no, mother nature's a ****, time to treat her like one imo.

    anyone who disagrees can come to my house, its march 10th and theres 6 inches of global warming on my driveway that you can shovel off.
  7. ugh, if i hear one more fox news moron say the same thing i'm going to off myself... global warming causes EXTREMES of seasons and shorter transitional seasons i.e. shorter fall and spring, longer, colder winters, and longer, hotter summers that's why in march you're shoveling snow and on thanksgiving you'll be wearing shorts and a tee shirt... nothing personal against you dude, you've always been nice and your car is sick, it's just hard to be a scientist and hear the same ignorance every day

    but yeah, um, awesome exhaust clips guys :D
  8. lol
  9. lol there are just as many scientists who say global warming is a hoax as there are who say its true. if it causes seasonal extremes why not call it global extreming? if you buy all that BS you better be making sure you have cats on your car cuz the people who buy the BS you do are the same people saying we all need to drive hybrids...

    but back to exhaust there are other sections for politics. :nice:
  10. False. The scientific commnity worldwide OVERWHELMINGLY and WHOLLY acknowledges the long and short term effects of the increase in carbon dioxide released since the start of the Industrial Revolution. There was a "list" released by the previous administration of 500 scientists who disagreed with global warming to appease those who would have you believe global warming isn't real. Do you know how many of them actually disagree with global warming? That's right, none. The list was fabricated and a large number of the scientists listed were actually deceased. Every subset of the scientific community agrees that global warming is a real problem. We're talking about climatologists, paleoclimatologists, volcanologists, botanists, paleobotanists, biologists, meteorologists, archaeologists, marine biologists, etc. These people devote their lives to this subject and have PhDs in their respective fields. Your claims are unfounded and ignorant.

    No one calls it "global extreming" because "extreming" isn't a word. Global warming refers to a general warming trend in the mean temperature of the Earth. For those who are reading, that means an overall average of all of the average temperatures of multiple locations around the world. A rise of only one or two degrees in the mean temperature of the Earth can cause shifts in ocean temperatures, leading to an extreme and rapid change in weather patterns (see the hurricane season of 2005 [Katrina included] to present and the wildfires across California and Australia). A mean rise in ocean temperaures also leads to the melting of the polar ice caps and the major source of the majority of the fresh water available in the world: glaciers. Do I have to spell out what rising sea levels mean for the most heavily populated areas of the landmasses on Earth (i.e. the coasts)? You live in Connecticut don't you? Well, I live in New York. These things are real, no one is making this up with some socialist agenda in mind. I'm an expert and my colleagues are experts. Apathy hinders progress and perpetuates ignorance.

    "buy the BS?" Noone is saying you have to drive a hybrid, but it's the natural evolution of technology. Do you like paying what you pay for gasoline and being at the mercy of OPEC? How do you feel about the new string of EcoBoost engines Ford is producing, making serious power efficiently and cleanly? I love the car hobby and surround myself with it daily, and the attention, money, and care I give to my car illustrate that without saying. On the other hand, I'm in a graduate program in mechanical engineering and alternative energy technology. Put your pride on the shelf and embrace, or at least acknowledge, the natural progression of technology. I guarantee when someone in my field produces an automobile that saves you money and allows you to better provide for the people you love that you'll be on line to get one just like everyone else.
  11. Take it easy fellas....I thought this was an exhaust clip thread, not an all out Global Warning debate. Lets keep it civil and the clips coming, shall we. ;)

    Back on track....

    Not a 5.0L....actually, not even a Mustang either, but a 4.6L V8 exhaust clip none the less.

    2 1/2" all the way through, with two Magnaflow XL's out back, one Dual in/out XL crossover in the middle and two high flow cats up front off of a set of Kooks mid-length headers. Pretty restrictive, but thats the price you pay for having a huge car. :D

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  12. Okay, I'll play nice. :D

    Here's my favorite clip. This isn't an exhaust clip persay, but this thing sounds NASTY and listen to how this guy bangs gears. Talk about the driver mod. Insane. 9.75 @ 136

    YouTube - Mustang Drag Outside View that's what a 1.32 60ft. looks like :eek:

    and inside

    YouTube - Mustang Drag