Idle/Rev Clips Post 'em Up!

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  1. thinking about ditching the Mac Pro dumps...the drone is insane...maybe just weld on some tailpipes
  2. sold my fox and bought something that would reduce my carbon footprint b/c al gore told me that the icecap was going to melt... exhaust sounds sick though

    YouTube - Prius Exhaust Note
  3. Well, it's easy to respect an educated response that supports an argument. Let's drop it and post some exhaust clips.
  4. Nice!:rlaugh: asecretfile, amazing blue, I'm thinking, back to Regatta for mine, but I also like the Bimini the 91/92's came in, and yours now too:nice:! I don't care, LS1 or LS6, mod, blown 4.6, whatever. Nothing, but nothing, sounds like a proper 5.0. Everyone who know cars knows that sound:eek:.
  5. its easy to respect an "educated" "scientific" response that resorts to a personal attack to make a point... i like that your writing me off as unintelligent... sorry im not a sheep who will blindly follow what someone says just because they are a "scientist," i work with "scientists" all day and if one of them told me the sun was going go down tonight i wouldn't believe it without looking into it myself. i love how everyone is so willing to follow what a "scientist" says over making their own conclusion on the matter. global warming is a hoax, its a big environmentalist whack-job hoax drawn up by the car company's and the government to get us all to give up more of our freedoms and make them richer. but as we both said above this is the wrong thread. make a thread about global following and ill happily argue about it all day.
  6. No one is claiming that you're unintelligent, as that would be a judgement passed blindly considering I don't know you. I implied that your response was unintelligent and uninformative because you responded to a lengthy, factual reply with real data to support my opinions by posting a youtube clip of a little toy car making a funny noise. You referring to me as a "scientist" in quotations was a personal attack, though. But I'll let it slide to save you from going on youtube to find another hilarious, well thought-out response.

    Let me just get this straight before I close this argument wth you forever. You think environmentalists are woking together with car companies, big oil, and the U.S. government? That's quite possibly the most ignorant implication I've ever heard anyone make on the matter. That's a unique opinon though, I'll give you that much. You think it's in the best interest of modern automobile companies to stop using fossil fuels, and there's a secret, underground partnership between the scientific community and oil tycoons? The government is in on it too? The entire infrastructure of the country has to be changed to accomodate new technology to replace traditional energy at an unprecedented cost, and the government is all for it? I'm not even sure I could formulate a response to that aside from saying "wow" and not wasting my time any longer.

    Just a closing suggestion: research and read. Type the phrase "EV1 electric car" into the search engine of your choice. Then read some more.

  7. Come on guys this thread is COMPLETELY USELESS if you dont post up your exhaust combos....

    Combo please??
  8. mine is frpp shorty headers, mac O/R hpipe, Mac pro dumps
  9. Its a 306 with AFR 1.85's, Custom high tech blower cam, Hooker 1-3/4 LT's, custom o/r X, & Dynomax ultra flow catback...
  10. The B cam sounds like a higher lift cam because that guy's running Flowmaster 10 series mufflers, they're 1 chambered mufflers that are basically like running no mufflers at all, for the record i love them :D if i ever get tired of my spintechs i'm gonna get those... here's another clip of the 10 series on a coupe

    Ford Racing shorties, BBK X pipe and 10 series flows with turndowns
    YouTube - 1990 Mustang LX 5.0 Notchback exhaust video
  11. Alright, about the global warming and all the government bull****, you guys need to chill. We can bitch about it and argue about it til we're blue in the face but where's that gonna get us? We can't fix it. Whether it's true or not, we still have a ****ty government, the cars are going to continue to get ****tier, gas is always going to be expensive. I think I will be dead before this o-zone deal causes the end of the world. If I'm not, then I will obviously be dead very shortly after. The end result is the same, me, and you, in the ground. So I say hammer down while you're still around and **** the world. Now let's see some more big stroker loud as **** carbed with no emissions exhaust clips.