Idle/Rev Clips Post 'em Up!

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  1. I'm literally within 24 hours of getting an exhaust clip of my new combo up...unless the gremelins get me like they usually do.
  2. It has long tube headers that I don't know who makes, 3" with no cross over pipe going into 3" 2 chamber flowmasters exiting just before the rear but not dumped, and running the TFS stage 3 cam.

    Sorry I didn't add my combo when I posted.
  3. :popcorn:
  4. sounds good man, how does your car stay cool without the fan shroud?? any cooling issues?
  5. well I had an electric fan and it took a dump and I DD the car since my 2.3 has tranny issues but anyways I had the 9 blade fan laying around so I just slapped it on and it runs cool, going to the junkyard tomorrow to yank one off a taurus :D
  6. Well it was another long day....last night i got the engine back in but still had to sort out the starter issue. Turns out the starter was shot and i got it swapped and drive it for a bit tonight, so i was late getting a video shot. Then, my camcorder records in that stupid .mod format so i had to figure out how to host the damn thing. was late, cops were out, i was tired, it was dark, nobody to shoot me moving or doing a burnout so here's a crapy idle/rev.

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  7. nice clip :nice:

    double pumper carb FTW! :rock:
  8. hahahaha +1 you pretty much said what i was trying to. ill bbl im gonna go release whatever gases are left in my A/C compressor and old fridge into the o-zone. :nice:
  9. is that Mac flowpath exhaust? Sounds like mine other than our 2 different cams
  10. what cam is that? sounds good :nice:
  11. I ditched my Mac Pro Dumps, the drone they produce is mind numbing lol I stuck them over in the classifieds. Heres mine now with some super 44's dumped which I already had in my garage that I pulled off an LX my neighbor is parting out...I just slapped them on

    there is still a little drone but NOWHERE NEAR as much

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  12. not of my fox but its still a 5.0 does that count?
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    btw these are the thrush knock off of flowmasters but they sound the same to me:nice:
  13. :cheers:
  14. Here's my buddy's '89 GT. It's a 11.3:1 347, Victor Jr heads, Systemax intake, Ed Curtis custom cam, all the intake junk to support it (don't know the EFI stuff exactly), full length Mac headers, offroad X, Mac cat-back etc etc. The first half was before it was tuned and it was late so we couldn't rev it up, the second half is getting tuned. The video doesn't even do it justice...i've never heard a Mac setup sound so damn angry as this one...when you crack into the thing just screams...i'm really torn between these and my Magnaflows.

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  15. i love the macs they sound awesome on everything ive heard them on