Idle/Rev Clips Post 'em Up!

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  1. thanks, when I had tailpipes put on last week I was worried I would lose alot of the sound but I like it better. It seemed like with the dumps I had before made any muffler sound about the same :shrug:
  2. old one with the B&M power charger.

  3. Swapped from Holley blue to Holley Red pump and moved/isolated it with rubber bushings so you dont really hear it over the exhaust lol

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  4. This is my 93 Gt vert...with stock headers off road H-pipe and 2 very old flowmasters with stock Tailpipes..

    YouTube - 93 Mustang GT

    This was my old 1985 GT it had Mac long tube headers,Mac off Road H-pipe and Mac flowpath Cat back....Stock motor...

    YouTube - 85 mustang GT
  5. :hail2:
  6. i gotta pull the car out and make a new video. ive got BBK lontubes, BBK O/R X-pipe, then flows. and i just put on some stainless 2'' pipes trying to quiet it down some. they didnt help much. haha. it sounds nasty tho with the anderson motorsports cam.
  7. i would like to hear that, im debating between some kooks longtubes or bassani longtubes, with either a bassani catted x pipe or a bassani o/r x pipe, with dyno max bullets and dumps or just straight dumps
  8. and that decides it for me, he even fit the side tips with subframes im gonna have to go with that setup
  9. spintech makes subframes that work.