Idle/Rev Clips Post 'em Up!

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  1. too late for that, already have subs
  2. oh....chances are they are gonna make the side part run low....might have to modify em a bit :nice:
  3. i'm gonna see if i can loop them around the rear of the subs and out the side, if not i dont see an issues notching into the subs an inch or so to get the pipes to clear, its just too bad i cant run tips out the back like i wanted, and dumps are just boring
  4. anyone know where i can get the tips on that exhaust?

  5. If its a spintech side exhaust gonna take a wild guess and say spintech. Unless u find someone else who makes a similar tip from summit/jegs.
  6. yeah ive seen the kit, with that tip, but spintech doesnt have it listed anywhere on their site, same goes for dr.gas
  7. Spintech is supposed to have a whole new site up at the end of the month...."hopefully". Not all of their stuff is up there so just give them a call and ask.

    If memory serves me correct....they look similar to the megaphone tip from summit i think :dunno:
  8. not a vid of my car but a vid i found randomly of 25thmustang's car on youtube and it sounds as sexy as the car looks YouTube - 5.0 exhaust video
  9. :D

    I have an idle/rev video somewhere on the internet. I am more a fan of the in action videos, as they give an idea of exhaust note under a load.

    I will go and try to find the old ones.
  10. i was watching and missed the opening where it said it was your car, then i was watching thinkin "**** ive seen that car somewhere..." and hot damn was your car thrashed in that video, hard to think it used to look like that
  11. Lol, yup that was mine. I tore it down from a white over red 89 LX and built it up to the car now. Not the best but did take a bit of time and work and I enjoy it.
  12. still looks sexy as hell, i need someone to take some layered pics of my car just like yours
  13. Thanks...

    Yeah I got lucky a friend of mine is a damn good photographer, or else the car wouldn't look so nice now. :D
  14. sure :rolleyes: i want to repaint my car and do a slick job like yours but i know that no matter what its gonna get thrashed, so i guess i just have to make it faster than yours :p
  15. Mine gets abused constantly. Ask anyone who knows me :D. I like the driveable car,vs the show and shine car!