Idle/Rev Clips Post 'em Up!

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  1. What type mufflers are they?...will they fit a 93 GT convertible?...there cool looking Are they loud....:D
  2. Love the sound of the Magnaflow exhaust, that video just doesnt do it justice. Every time I drive mine someone comments on the exhaust, it just has that great sound that has to be heard in person to truly appreciate it fully. Funny thing is not a ton of Magnaflow owners on this site... :shrug:
  3. nope not loud really, bout the same as any other muffler
  4. I know man i love magnaflow it sounds amazing. I cant stand it when people put flowmasters on mustangs it sounds like every other car out there.
  5. Dude your car is frickin sweet! That thing is gorgeous!
  6. If u mean me? thanks bro:nice:
    thats a gorgeous hatch u got there:flag:
  7. Yeah I meant you for sure. That thing is beautiful. I keep mine clean and stock looking :nice:

    Cause it is stock of course :D
  8. Thanks your stang looks mint!:nice: stock except for that sqeeeeky belt lol
  9. dude! i've been waiting for you to update your progress thread for like 2 years now... what gives?
  10. yea true well the cobra conversion kit that has been sitting in my room for over 2 yrs I finally put it on with the cowl hood and I drove it the other day and it started to smoke a lot and my timing chain gasket had a crack so right now its torn apart and I ordered a comp cams xe274hr cam and porting the heads to 185cc. So as soon as its up and running again I will update it :nice:
  11. sick, i'll be keeping an eye out
  12. Yes I am aware that I am reviving this thread...:Zip2:

    What cam does it sound like here? is it an F? I know the only way to know for sure is to take it out or get lift/duration numbers, but just based on sound, what do you think it is?

    Also has BBK under hood CAI, BBK shorties, BBK O/R x, American Thunder Catback with SLP Shotgun Resonators.


    On a side note, I do want to get the motor out completely and redo head gaskets and oil pan and rear main seal and all that stuff that isn't so fun... but don't have an engine lift/stand plus probably not a good idea to do it alone given I've never done it before.... anyway, clip!
  13. I don't think i ever contributed to this thread

    YouTube - 1988 Mustang LX 5.0 Flowmasters

    Bbk unequal shorties, stock 4-cat hpipe, flow master American thunder cat back.

    I didn't know it at the time, but i had a dead injector and the car is running on 7 cylinders here. Sounds fine right?yeah, that's why i drove on 7 cyl for a year until I pulled the plug and found it looking brandy new