Idle Up Switch?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by viperos, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. ok, I have pulleys, so my battery charges at 900 instead of 650RPM... now, since it's hella cold out there this time of year (relatively), I run the defroster and rear defrost, and heat at the same time, now, at stoplights, and sitting still, my RPMs drop for about 700, like they should, but then I don't get good lights, or anything else... is there a way to rig a switch to change my idle to 950 or something like that?

    -any advice would be nice...
  2. To adjust my idle, I use an adjusting screw on my throttle body (aftermarket).
  3. an idle up switch sure would be nice. especially for running at night or whenever you need the lights on. OR! when you would like to get a nice launch from a light without having to rev the engine. (not a great launch, just a nice one)

    isn't there an idle control that manages the idle when the engine is cold? couldn't you rig a switch into that?
  4. well, I was origionally thinking of mounting a digital servo from my RC Helicopter on the throttle body, going to a switch... but I don't think that it would work... I could tie directly into the computer, and rig a switch to that to make it think it needs to charge the battery... and keep the engine at 900... but that also is unlikely to be done by me...

    -I need to somehow have the control to make my car idle at 950RPM instead of 650... but not all the time... any ideas guys?
  5. Without getting a chip, you need to adjust it at the throttle body. It's not bad having a higher idle, I have mine set to about 900 because of the cam, and it doesn't seem too high (even though stock is 650).

  6. well, would increasing my idle from 650 to 950 hurt gas mileage?? I mean, I'm only getting like 16-18 now... which sucks! since it's my daily driver...
  7. well, is there any other way to adjust my idle today, in the garage??

    -and where did you get that adjuster screw, was it fairly inexpensive, and like from the local shucks?
  8. I could use some quick advice please :)
  9. The idle adjust screw is part of an aftermarket throttle body, such as BBK, Eldebrock, etc... I don't remember how much it cost me a few years back... but I think about $200.

    One way I cheated the idle, a couple years back, was breaking the seal on the Idle bypass (attached to the t-body). My O2 sensors went out and I couldn't drive with out stalling... so I loosened the bolts for the bypass, shimmied something between the t-body and the bypass (thus allowing more air... higher idle). This was however VERY temporary, and I wouldn't recommend it. I adjusted the amount of "free" air by tightening the bypass until I got the Idle I needed to drive. I'm sure its not what you wanted to hear... but I hope it helps.
  10. there is a small threaded "screw" w/o a head on the left side, near the firewall... I used some vice-grips and tightened it... and that actually raised my idle... anyone know what that thing actually was?? just curious...

    -I plan on a 65mm TB soon... not sure which company though... so much money for not that much more power... (unless I'm wrong, and I am quite often :D)