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  1. Yeah...there are 2.3 DOHC "screamers" all over the place.

    Well...I mean there's actually like one...and it really hasn't made it off the dyno yet...but...STILL... :rlaugh:

    Nevermind... :nonono:

  2. A few people have done it. Mike is still working on his. There is defintely some work into making this head work. But it is something that can be done. If you cant do machining then I would highly recommend taking it to a machinist or a engine shop they might be able to. Not sure who to ask about the manifolds though.
  3. Hardly a bunch though...

    And from what I hear, they're fairly fragile. I haven't heard where one has actually gone anywhere near fast and lived to tell the tale.

    In my opinion, it's a mickey-mouse deal that's a waste of time and money. The bore centers aren't the same and you have to change the head structurally to make it seal. Not a good thing...especially when there are a hundred better combos out there that will deliver more power with more reliability.
  4. Yeah, But what do you know? ;)
  5. Obviously nothing...just look at my post count. :D
  6. Its about you realized that
    More post = God like
    less post = Peon

  7. lol unfortantely I dont think there are enough to really judge their durability.
  8. I can tell you for sure that a welded-up head with mis-matched bore centers on two cylinders is a paperweight. It doesn't matter if there's one, ten or one hundred of them.

    With 1/10 of the work they could swap the whole Volvo engine in and actually have a viable and structurally sound package.

    The internet is a wonderful thing, isn't it? :rolleyes:
  9. It can be debated back and forth but as neither of us have had any experiance with this setup its hard to say. I know my buddy had mild damage to his oval port 454 bbc head and we had a machine shop weld it and repair. Head now has over 40,xxx on it at 12.5:1 compression. so... :shrug:

    Normally I wouldnt bring up someone elses car but seeing as how I helped put the wrench time in on it I figured I could and would.
  10. Repairing one hole on an engine won't turn it into a paperweight, but trying to bolt a welded-up, mis-matched head between brands will.

    The bores don't line up. Do you get that?
  11. I get what your saying I simply dont acknowledge it since you have no hands on experiance with the head neither do I for that matter. We will see how they hold up when MikeSVOR finishes his. Until then we are arguing over **** pretty much said on the net about the head.
  12. *You* may not have any experience with this stuff, but *I* do.

    I've seen first-hand what happens when the block/gasket/head interface is misaligned and it's not good.

    I've had plenty of bad stuff happen with alignment issues much smaller than the volvo/ford swap.
  13. I have seen some pretty explosive things when it comes to motors....

    But I will say this you seem to want to argue just to argue.

    So this is my final post in this.

    You dont know this particular setup. Nor do you know the individual quirks of it.
    You might have experiance with different problems. But every problem is unique.

    So how about this. We agree to disagree... beyond that I am done with you.
  14. Yeah...you're right. The round holes on a Ford/Volvo swap might be different than the round holes on another car.

    And yeah...a mis-matched bore center motor *could* actually live. I mean...this is the Internet afterall...where anything is possible, right? I mean, none of them up to now have lived...and people with some engine building experience say they won't work well...but "Mike" might be the one to beat the odds...

    Sounds like a GREAT swap to me. :rlaugh:
  15. Why are you so hell bent on this swap not working? The least of your worries with this swap is filling in and reshaping the two center combustion chambers. Head porters have been doing things like that for years. Its called "bowl work". Its nothing new. Things aren't miss aligned when your done. You should do a little research before you start going on about how something isn't going to work because you say so.



    I beleave that atleast a couple of these motors are up and running. I remember reading somewhere that one was dyno'd at something like 400hp at only 10psi. I plan on jumping all over this swap in the future. If you know what your doing, why wouldn't you.
  16. 1) "Bowl work" has nothing to do with moving a combustion chamber. It refers to porting and polishing in the "bowl" or the area behind the valve.

    2) "400 horsepower" has been done reliably for 20+ years with 8v Pinto motors.

    3) I do know what I'm doing...that's why I'm not doing it. It's a stupid swap. You could swap in the whole Volvo motor and have a reliable combo for 1/10 the work.

    4) 400 at 10 psi? LOL...Internet bullsheet. It would have to make near 300 N/A to make that much...and why stop at just 10 PSI? Maybe because they're fragile pieces of crap that blow the head off as soon as they hit the road?
  17. Ok I said the last post was my last well I lied.

    You sir are a dip****.

    And your spouting off internet bull**** as well. Add a bit of info in that helps or STFU. Fragile? Well hell according to every magazine and report the 2.3 is worthless anyway. And why not swap the whole drivetrain. Thats a pain in the ass!! Been there done that!! Besides maybe the volvo trans isnt as strong or maybe the volvo doesnt bolt up to the t5 bellhousing. People have made this work. Also if you know all of that **** then you should know boost is measured in psi. Which is obviously pressure. Well a free flowing head the boost #'s wont be as high even though a similar or higher amount of air is flowing through it. Granted that is a real simple break down of it and there is a lot more to it than that. But that is enough to get the point across.

    But seriously the other guy is right your hell bent on this swap not working but yet its been done so obviously there is a flaw in your thinking. Also as far as there are 8v pinto motors making that. I am sure there are. There are also probably 70-90,000 800hp V8 based mustangs. But that doesnt mean we need to go that route and obviously being on this part of the forum we dont plan on it. Oh and show me where in that forum description it says 2.3L Mustang and 4 cylinder Volvo engined Mustangs. They want to be unique they want to have something as good as the Esslinger head for less than half the price. They have made it work. So as I previously stats STFU. :owned:
  18. Reading about something on the Internet and postulating on the possibilities is not the same as actually doing it.

    Further, just because it can be made to bolt together in some fashion does not make it viable, reliable or worthwile.

    You could bolt a T-5 to a Volvo over a weekend with a $50 piece of aluminum and a mill...mounts take an hour or two, tops...or you could even do a whole Volvo drivetrain if you wanted. They have kickass automatics, BTW. Then you might have something that will live longer than a few minutes.

    I have news for you spanky...you ain't owning jack when it comes right down to it. You'd have to do something besides flap your gums and tap your keyboard.

    Perhaps you might want to try turning some wrenches, making some shavings and see if you can make something that goes fast before you start yapping. Then people might have a reason to respect your opinion.
  19. Oh yeah...the 10 PSI/400 horse deal?

    To make 400 on .7 bar of boost...in a perfect world...would take a motor that would make 250+ NA. That would be a SERIOUS NA Volvo -- and as soon as you start changing components to make it live as a turbo (lower c/r, smaller cams, etc.), it goes downhill from there.

    There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. It's just physics...even if it has 16 valves.