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  1. I think your wrong, and there are alot of people who would agree with me. Stop telling people who dont know BS, that you think you do know.
  2. It's a free country (well, sortof anymore)...and there are stupid free people everywhere. The "unstupid" ones tend to believe people with real experience over people with "internet experience".

    Lemme know how your 400 horse deal goes when it happens and we can compare notes. Until then, you're a wannabe.
  3. This is really great, it really is TF over here!
    I will say this, Gio_Momma has been building these engines since well, probably some of the people here were born!
    I will say this, for this being such an easy and powerful swap I wonder why there are not a bunch running around making 500 horses.
    If I want to modify stuff and make power I will just buy an Arca or svo head...
  4. Well...since TF isn't really TF anymore...this looks like as good a place as any to hang out. :)

    There are more people with 500 horse iron head motors ( :eek: ) than 500 horse Volvo-headed deals.

    It should be as easy as falling off a log the way it's been described. The original Esslinger headed stock motor in the wagon was about that easy to make 600+ and over 800 once I got the ARCA and figured out what I was doing. Everything (that wasn't from a boneyard) was straight out of the catalog and the first full pull it made over 500 at the wheels.

  5. Should'a done a volvo, it would have made over 1000 :rlaugh:

    Yeah I can say the wagon kicks big time ass, but for some reason I will always love the pinto.
    I dunno why, but when I think about that car I think of MM&FF and the unidentified stuffed animal on the dash :)

    well back to my hybrid 2.3t/yugo swap. If I can get the machine work done it should be good for about 70 horse!
  6. I think Svo1 summed it up, its been obvious for awhile (on multiple boards) that not seeing eye to eye to with gio makes you automaticly "stupid". Some things could be best summed up and answerd without agressive reponses...
    If you dont have anything nice to say, dont open your mouth
    Its a good principle to live by i find.
  7. whoah!!!!! Is that what I conveyed?
    That was not my intent at all.
    Maybe it is the way I read into what is said (or do not) but I have no thoughts that "gio" is actomatically assuming anyone is stupid.
    My view is this
    (getting on my soapbox)
    Gio has been there and done that with these motors moreso than anyone else here I would bet.
    when people start spouting that something is "easy" or "everyone is doing it"
    and is willing to argue based on no real world experience it gets to be a bit annoying.
    Much like a newbie trolling in and asking the same damn questions over and over again. When they listen or honestly try to make a new path to a goal it is great. But when they argue over speculation it grates really thin.
    I am not saying kiss anyone's ass or anything of that nature, but I know from my point of view I hate it when people argue with me over something that they have not/will probably never do, but I have dabbled in.
    (off soapbox)

    Look at it this way, it is just a big reality check.
    People can try anything, but if it really works, it would be the rage and everyone would be running to it like lemmings.

    hell the volvo thing has been going on long before the New Esslinger Head came out, and there are a lot more of them running than volvo's.
  8. I might be willing to put my stock motored Cordia against your 2.3.
    I have turned wrenches. Personally I still think your a ****tard. I stand by that. Not everyone has a mill in their garage. Lack of machines is half the reason people buy the esslinger head. Just because it isnt done much doesnt mean it doesnt work as well or better. Just means people are lazy thats all.

    But since TF is down why not go over to SVOCA they seem to be full of pricks just like you.
  9. EXACTLY... :D

    There are plenty of people I respect greatly...but that I don't agree with.

    DO SOMETHING...then talk about how great it is. Don't sit there flapping your gums about how wonderful it is unless you have some relevant experience.

    My world is kinda black and white: Talkers and doers. I have no respect for talkers...especially talkers who profess knowledge or advocate where they have NO relevent experience.

    The volvo head deal is bullsheet. I do have experience with engine building (crazy stuff) and mis-matched bore centers. There are better swaps you can do for less work and money that will result in a more viable outcome.
  10. Oh yeah...trust me...you don't want none of my stuff. :nonono:

    Poking holes in a sheet of 1/4" aluminum isn't exactly rocket science...especially compared to EXTENDING a cylinder head (which would ostensibly involve milling???), TIG-WELDING the chambers, WELDING up custom intake and exhaust manifolds...oh yeah...making round holes in a flat plate is really tough compared to that. :rlaugh: Get a grip dude... :rolleyes:

    BTW -- a D-port Esslinger head bolts directly on, just like a stocker.

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  11. *ehem* Svo1, wasnt saying you in perticular was comming off abrasive, people will talk and like gio said , some people will do. I personally would like to see something come of the dohc setup, just becuase. Would i ever spend the time money and effort involved in that swap? Probly not, i would be money ahead with my single turbo 351 project ;)
    Do i have the ability to make the volvo head work? From what i have seen (short term, durability wise) i believe so.

    Gio, you are the posterchild of esslinger...(insert Turboford classic line here) If I had the money...

    Im just a dailydriver racer (atleast now i am anyways..real job = blessing = no time) I enjoy the abstract and the unexspected junkyard 1350 contender.
  12. I've never had the money to buy the really good stuff from Esslinger. But I certainly haven't wasted my time going off on tangents bolting mis-matched heads to various blocks.

    I'm never going to be able to stop anyone from wasting their time on some internet-fueled debacle...but why should one somewhat credible voice of dissent be of such concern to you guys? Am I getting in your way or somehow hindering your progress towards your dream of having a wide valvecover?

    Go for it...just don't count on me to sit here and be quiet while you prattle on about how wonderful it is. In my estimation, based on my experience BUILDING and (competitively) RACING turbocharged 4-cylinder engines...it's nonsense.
  13. C'mon spanky...you still calling me out? :D

    I've been looking for a way to pay for the gas to come out to WFC again...maybe I found it. SFAIK, there's only one 4G63 that's faster than my car...and it ain't no Cordia...not even a real car for that matter :rlaugh:
  14. When will you guys GET the FACT that there is a world of difference between what you read on the internet, and reality?

    It's funny when so many people who have trouble with spark plugs think they can talk intelligently on just about anything car related on the internet.

    Were you trying to say "1320"? :shrug: :)

  15. If she is done in time she might be sitting in the parking area at wfc. Hoping the Mustang will be in the under construction class in the show car.
  16. I hope you can make it, would love to see the wagon Run again!

    I can say there is so much bull**** on the net it is not even funny.
    and as far as people being lazy and not trying new things, I would have to think people are trying new things all the time, and if it works, more people do it as I said earlier.
    Heck what 3 years ago I think is about when the Holset use really started, now a lot more guys are running them and they are working.
    If they did not work, no one would be running them. Much like a volvo head. But that is my .02.
    If you want to try it, go ahead, and if it works for you great.
    I will be spending my time on something more useful..
  17. Yep...:spot:
  18. Sooooo...I take it that means you don't wanna race then? I have it all fueled up and in the trailer...you need some space? How about the go? :rlaugh:

    Ahhh...just like the old days with the Pinto at the street races...good times...good times.

  19. Which one you wanting a piece of? Cordia? (hopefully finished not a lot of hp just no weight)
    Mustang (probably the slowest)
    Camaro (its just a 3rd gen :D )
  20. As long as you're driving...any of them. :)

    But weren't you hitting me up with the Cordia? C'mon...admit it.

    I may stick that one in my sig file...LOL