If anyone could be interested

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  1. yep was. its still waiting on the EVOIII 16G EVOIII manifold EVOIII 02 housing and 650cc injectors. Hoping to get curb weight down to around 1600lbs in it.
  2. Soooo...I take it you're wanting to reconsider ^^^this^^^?

    :shrug: :D

  3. Hell I will put my Schwinn up against both of you. If I eat enough beans I am sure I can take you both!!! :p
  4. Sooo...I have to ask...

    Why did you say this? It didn't seem too nice or accurate for that matter.

    Just wondering. I really don't get all personal with people over tech stuff...but it always seems to turn into a personal thing against me if I don't agree with someone. I'm a dick, a-hole, loudmouth, arrogant, shill for Esslinger, blah, blah, blah...

    If you feel so strongly that you're right...how could one guy disagreeing with you get under your skin so badly?

    You live like 10 minutes from me...I've offered to help you before, tried to get together with you to hang out...just invited you to the track...yet you seem to just wanna sit there behind the screen and talk trash. It doesn't seem like a "very Christian thing to do"...or is that only on TF?

    Unlike you...I've met hundreds of people from boards like this. Some of them I've been a dick to...some who have been dicks to me. You know what? 99.9995% of them turned out to be a LOT nicer people in person than they SEEM to be on the Internet. You should really ponder that sometime.

    I don't have to agree with everyone to get along with them. That's not what real friends do. They speak up when they need to.
  5. You have one of those chopper-wannabee "Sting Rays"? :rlaugh:

    Don't make me bust out my BMX bike...LOL
  6. Just because it's been done before...

    Doesn't mean it's a good idea.

    I've got pics of a flathead Ford V8 stuffed in the engine bay of an '80 Pinto wagon. No internet BS, I personally took the pic at Daytona Int'l Speedway's annual Turkey Rod Run a few years ago.

    Probably should pass this on to the Pinto guys, or get started on a flathead Mustang. Think the guys over on the 5.0 Tech Forum would help out with this V8 swap?

    I've lurked here for quite some time and think that gio momma's one of the sharper guys around here in regards to tech stuff. Y'all ought to cut him some slack, but that's just my opinion and I'm doing the same thing with my opinion that y'all have done with yours.

    Catch ya round
  7. A flathead in a Pinto??? :eek:

    You really did that? :eek: You gotta post pics somewhere or send them to me.

    OTOH, it was probably more reliable than the Volvo deal. ;)

    If you have pics, I'd love to see them.

    My e-mail is: gio_momma AT yahoo.com

    Edit: should have read more carefully...you *saw* there...LOL...I thought you did it. Still cool, though.
  8. Good idea/Bad Idea

    Bad Idea

    Daytona circa 2000



    Good idea :)

    Same show, same day as the Pinto

  9. Naaahhh...the V8 Focus bolt-in deal is kinda lame IMO.

    They're actually *as* heavy as a Mustang and to get them to "bolt in", the engine and drivetrain are really low relative to the body...quite the opposite of how it should be. There's no room in the unibody for the drivetrain, so it's like the car has a body lift to clear the drivetrain without cutting.

    Sure that wasn't 2001? That's when Kugel started doing the kits...Ford had a few of them roaming around at shows that summer...they used to take them to the import races where they went over like a fart in church. They're a HUGE hit with the older set though (no offense...LOL).

    The flatty Pinto OTOH...very, very cool. :cool:
  10. Nah not backing out. Will run win or lose. Hell the cordia isnt the fastest... hell right now its not even running.....
    Thats how it currently sits.
    Waiting on EVOIII parts.
    List of stuff still needed to be done
    Electric fuel pump installed
    New Fuel lines
    Electric wiring/Relay for the fuel pump
    Wiring harness/Splice into factory harness
    Modify the new wheels to clear (custom machining)
    Custom exhaust
    Custom intercooler
    Custom sheetmetal for the hood to clear the engine
    Shocks struts
    Then after all of that she is suppose to be going straight to paint.

    Why am I doing all of this to an import... sentimental reasons only (was dads car he loved it!)

    Wish I had spent it on the mustang or camaro... could of had a damn 9 second car for the amount spent....
  11. Good luck with it. :) Looks like a lot of work...BTDT.

    Here's a video of my 2.3L in action. It runs a little better now...it's the best I could do with my limited mechanical abilities (according to 140cilx).

    Better turn up the boost in the Cordia...:D
  12. Not even close LOL

    If you want a BMX duel, I should dig out my ole' Haro.. I wish I still had my Auburn.
    So you race/raced BMX? I was in ABA and NBL back in 89-94 ish. Broke My collar bone in 4 places and broke some ribs,Fractured my skull, & Punctured my lung doing a backflip on a vert ramp in 94. Have not ridden hard since :(
  13. I raced back in the day, but I sucked. :D

    I quit doing it when I got into cars and it's been downhill since then. If I'm going to throw myself into harm's way, I want some .083 Cromoly *around* me, not *under* me.

    I bought/traded/scrounged a cool BMX bike to mess around with. It's a Free Agent with Redline cranks...always wanted some of those and could never afford them when I was racing. :cool:

    You should probably take it easy on the bike thing, though...LOL I quit at about the time I realized I could possibly get hurt really bad...stitches were about as bad as I got.
  14. I remember reading this a while back. Mike has posted about it on here before so someone might do a search and see if its still around.

    IIRC the thing was the Volvo motor is based off the Ford 2.3L and is used in light tricks and small commercial vehicles. Its no longer identical and has its own little quirks and such.

    It was my understanding the head studs match and The head physically bolts on but the water ports and such have to be redone. The combustion chambers are off slightly and just need reshaping of the chamber.

    The real PITA part is there is no bolt on anything on the front to hang the timing belts and that is where most people on this swap gave up. I remember Mike saying he had to fabricate literally everything on the front of the motor. I also remember him saying something to the effect that if he had known what was involved in getting it running he would ahve thought twice about doing it.

    As to its making 400hp? Id have to see it to believe it. I have heard 300hp was not that hard to hit for these heads on a built up high compression 2.3L

    Another problem is that the mead does not use a head gasket. You buy this shellac type stuff form Volvo and apply it to the head and block surface to seal it. That alone makes me uneasy about sealing with a turbo.

  15. Umm, I DON'T get it. Could you explain this to me?
    I didn't have to weld any cylinders up to meet up with the head gasket. In fact, I had to REMOVE metal from all of the combustion chambers to match the gasket.
    So what if the valves are .010 away from the cylinder bore compared to the outside cylinders? Does that not make it run right?
    Or should I call up esslimper and have them build me a 4000 dollar head that equals the one I'm making work?

    Do you need a picture of the bores with a gasket layed on it to believe?
  16. The head uses a gasket.
    What your talking about is Volvo's brand of sealer used to seal the gasket between the head and the camshaft block. (the one that passes the oil pressure through the upper part of the head to oil the cams)
  17. Sweet, I was actually really pretty good. I had a standing offer to ride for Standard Industries when I had my bad accident. That ended that LOL

    For me it worked out well, that was when I was getting more serious into Mustangs so it was one less expense.

    I actually had to sell off most of my stuff, I used to ride an Auburn CR20RX pro team model. I loved it. My other ride was a Haro Group 1 SI. Now I have my old beater, a Dyno Nitro. I used to have Redline three piecer's, triple traps, pergrine rims, araya hubs etc etc etc.

    God I miss those days, but I do wear enough scars/muscle aches to remind me of why it is good I No longer do it!
  18. Seen them...and you can see that the bore centers don't line up.

    :shrug: What's 50 or 100 thou when you're building such a precision, high-performance piece? :rolleyes:

    When a Volvo head makes more power than a stock cast head has...then you get to talk. As it is, there's like ONE that's ever touched pavement in the few/several years you guys have been blathering on about this "easy" swap and ...didn't it blow right up? I know it didn't go too well, because if it had beaten a V6 F-150 in a heads-up race, you guys would have been crowing about it since.

    I just don't get why you guys just don't swap the motor...you'd be driving it now, instead of having to keep convincing everyone how wonderful it "will be".

  19. Same arguement as why not just buy a fast car to begin with.
  20. HUH? :shrug:

    Difficulty shouldn't be the goal. Swapping the rest of the (excellent) Volvo motor would be FAR easier and net a FAR more reliable package.

    You still wanna race spanky? :spot: :D