If Microsoft built the Ford Mustang

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    Microsoft + Ford Mustang = an interesting customized tuner concept, put shortly. And yes, the concept known as “Project Detroit” does redeem itself from some of the overly tacky exterior lighting you see photographed. So, what’s “Project Detroit”, you might ask? Good question.
    West Coast Customs has teamed up with a collection of Microsoft developers to tweak out a 1967 Ford Mustang replica. From a complete build-up, the cast & crew involved included almost every Microsoft gizmo possible from a heads-up display to complete web connectivity to gaming. Nothing like a dose of modern day tech smacked into a class Mustang shell, right? We think so! We just hope this custom classic Mustang doesn’t BSoD while rolling down Woodward Ave–how embarrassing would THAT be? Hah!
    Curious to know more? Keep reading to get the full scoop on this one, keep watch on the tube for “Inside West Coast Customs” airing on the Discovery Velocity Network this coming Sunday at 9pm ET/PT, and hit the source link for the featurette video clip they have shared ahead of time!
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  2. If Microsoft built the Mustang, it would crash with no intervention from its driver.
  3. That's assuming one can get it to start in the first place
  4. Some of those shows are REDICULOUS! Remember "Pimp My Ride"?? Who and why would drive of half the cars they built, let alone use the dumb stuff they put in em!? Im always running late for class due to looking after my 90 yr old grandmother, sure would be nice to have a shaving cream warmer and clippers in the center console of my del sol ....oh and lets put a 42" flat screen on the roof that can double as a tablet to do my homework on...PHHHH....Please!