If the Shelby Cobra comes out, will it hold back the performance of the SVT Cobra

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  1. I've heard a lot of talk that the Z06 will have 500hp. However, I've yet to see a single quote, press release, or other hard fact about it. Not even any real rumours. Just speculation.

    I don't think the Shelby Cobra will get the 6.4 V10. It would have the 5.8 V10 from the V10 Mustang testbed. No other reason to have developed the engine that much. The 6.4 V10 would make a nice limited-run Ford GT for the final year, though. Chevy says, "hah, guess what Ford, your parade just got rained on with our blue devil!" Ford responds, "too late, we have a 650hp V10 in our GT, and oh by the way, it still outhandles your offering."

    Too bad the Viper isn't in the same handling class as the GT or the Vette. I think the Hemi V10 is going to be seriously overhyped. The fuel economy will be really horendous. Not that fuel economy is a concern when you're spending that kind of money on a car, but the Viper V10 already gets pretty bad mileage. And going to a Hemi head will not help much (the Hemi V8 is worse than most truck V10's in that regard)

    Oh well, I'm far too tired to remember where I was heading with all this, so...
  2. Corvette Chief Engineer, Dave Hill, has already publicly announced the C6 Z06 will be out in 2005 and have 500HP
  3. All of the horsepower makes me happy regardless of where is comes from. :)
  4. Couple of quick comments from misinformation I've read above.

    Ford owns the "Cobra" name. They aren't leasing it from Shelby.

    Secondly, the Shelby Roadster will share a large amount of suspension geometry as the Ford GT.

    Ford states they can bring this into production in 30 months. If they started today, you wouldn't see this car until 2006 at the earliest, most likely in 2007 after the Ford GT is discontinued.

    Keep in mind the Shelby Roadster will come in at an estimated 3000-3100 lbs.

    The Shelby Roadster will be a Ford Specialty car and won't hurt sales of the SVT Cobra, or SVT Mustang, as they are purchased by different classes of people.

    The first car under $80K Ford brings to the table with over 500 HP will be in my garage. I don't care if it's a Roadster or SVT Mustang, as long as the car is tight.

    Playing the waiting game is half the fun...
  5. The issue isn't whether it will hurt sales, because it won't, both cars (SVT Mustang Cobra and Shelby Cobra) are limited quanity and sold to different types of people.

    The Real question is will it put a ceiling on the performance of the SVT Mustang Cobra? If the Shelby is 500HP, I don't think Ford will ever build a SVT Cobra over 450HP. That isn't really that bad though, 450HP is still a hell of a lot of power.
  6. I couldn't agree more.
  7. I don't think it will be an issue. The Shelby Roadster will likely be a more lightweight open-top two-seater vehicle. The SVT Mustang will likely be a heavier (around 3800-3900lbs) sports coupe, designed for being really fast, but also being able to carry two adults and two kids comfortably. I really would expect the Shelby Roadster to have the 5.8L 425hp V10, even if it's priced around $45k. The SVT Mustang, on the other hand, will probably get the 500hp 5.4 3V S/C motor from the Lightning (or maybe the GT motor) and be priced closer to $50k. The two vehicles aren't even close to being in competition with each other. The Shelby won't be suitable for anything more than track events and weekend hot-rodding, whereas the SVT Mustang will be a practical daily driver that just happens to also be really fast.

    I see no reason to think the Shelby would cap the power of any other Ford vehicle except the Miata (and that won't be getting a V8 anytime soon anyway). The Ford GT, though, is likely to be capping the power of other vehicles. But for the final 2006 production run, it might well get the 6.4L V10 pushing 650hp, as a final blow to the Hemi Viper and ZL1 Corvette.