If the V6 is so great...

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Monkie, May 19, 2004.

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  1. Yes it is. Buddy is being a jerk off.
  2. No you're just such a big dumb ass that you jump in big people's conversations. When you learn what we are talking about then you can start posting.
  4. [​IMG]


    This is the prototype 1987 Mustang SVO. 2.3L DOHC Turbo. 270hp. Rumor has it that the V8 guys within Ford killed the project because it would blow the 225hp 5.0 Mustang GT away.

    My point? Who cares about what size the engine is. If it's fast, it's fast.

  5. Nice :nice:
  6. This place hasn't changed. They should immediatley ban trolls like that. No warnings... just kill the accont and ban the IP of the idiot with too much time and no sense whatsoever.
  7. When you stop crying and actually have some useful information or argument against me then please come back. I am not flaming the V6 you guys just aren't giving it any backup.
  8. Nobody is crying. You are trying to start crap and you know it.

    No need to backup anything, you haven't proven anything, all you have done is state nonsense and try to start crap.

    You could... are you ready... THINK... then post. It is obvious to anyone with any common sense why anyone would buy or mod a car of any kind... because they WANT to. They have already wasted thier time in telling you why and answerd your questions, so why not get the **** out the 6 forum and go to the Cobra forum?
  9. And YOU are such a dumba$$ that YOU have to spout smart a$$ remarks on a V6 FORUM and insult a woman you jacka$$! Just so everyone knows, this idiot DOES represent about 99% of the Cobra owners out there...say one bad thing about his ride and he has to be a smart a$$ to everyone to try and repair his damaged ego. FYI, Pro-Hawk is not uneducated, he knows what he's talking about...YOU sir are the one talking out of your a$$. Don't hate us b/c your $38k car can have it's a$$ handed to it by a V6...oh wait....that already happened to you didn't it? I bet that's why you started this thread huh? :owned: Go back to Mustangworld, where ignorance like yours is considered wisdom. Oh, and FYI? It's a FACT that the 3.8L mods are cheaper than the 4.6L, but you wouldn't know that, b/c you'd rather start trash than get your friggin facts straight first right? Also, the reason Ford put a V8 in their supercar is b/c of people like you who would say, "Dude, it's a V6? How stupid!!! My Cobra is a V8..did you know that? The V6 is a 3.8...did you know that? I can beat a V6...did you know that?" You're one of those annoying SOBs that can't just say, "I own a (insert year) Mustang." Oh no, you have to say, "I own a (insert year, exterior and interior color, model, engine size, displacement, curb weight with and without driver, curb weight with and without passengers, gear ratio...) Mustang....and it's way faster and better than yours! Wanna race? I'll prove it!" Friggin muscle-jerks are worse than the ricer boys. The ONLY reason I like imports is for people like you who come around and get :owned: by a friggin Kia Rio. There, I've vented.....and you have been :owned: ....thank you and have a great friggin day. :notnice: :nonono:

  10. :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: ...a very excellent point sir. :nice:..Also, I agree with Mike...these V8 guys that just go around starting trash all the time should really be banned. It's annoying.....this guy Monkie thinks he's so smart, but 1. He can't spell Monkey right....and 2. Apparently, he can't find the SVT forum...can someone please direct him?
  11. Would you stop with your bull**** "99% a$$hole" crusade against people with better cars than you? Please. :rolleyes:
  12. ROFLMAO :rlaugh: :rlaugh: Let me stop laughing and then I will reply. :lol: :lol: :rlaugh:

    That is exactly what you are doing Mr. Hypocrite. I said I don't agree with modding a V6 and you have one so you figure "Yo, I beta tell dis foo wut I tinkin. I happy wit muh V6 dat pops and mah bough meh! :mad: " :rlaugh:

    Oh yea? Well why hasn't he replied to me quoting him in the "V8's are better than V6's (Right?)"

    I talk out of my a$$? You are the one that doesn't even know your average Mustang specs. FYI a 1999 Mustang Cobra sold for $27,995.00 base price in 1999. I on the other hand bought my car for $17k in 2002 and it had 20k miles on it. That is a far cry from your price that you pulled out of your ass. And yes...infact I did get beat by a Mustang V6. I went out and saw one and I was like "Hey he will be an easy kill for me." WRONG! That sob had cold air intake and dual tips! :eek: I was :owned: before we even started racing. :rlaugh:

    Actually its about $1,000 more and that is only because a supercharger kit for a engine bay with a bigger engine will be more complex than if there is a smaller engine.

    Yea, you're right because when I say I own a Cobra they start asking me more questions like "How much power is it making?" "what size engine is in it?" "How fast will it go?" "What tranny did it come stock with?". The reason you say "I own a (insert year) Mustang" is because when you say its a V6 the person will ask you "Oh." :lol:

    View attachment 525371 No see I don't lose to Kia's that is you. I'm tellin you man if you would put more "Bling-Bling mods" on your car you could beat them Kias!

    The only thing you owned is yourself. And I'm sure you would like to set my fire on ass. :nonono: View attachment 525373

  13. 1. I don't have a beef with people who have better cars than me..if I did, I"d have a problem with 99% of the V6 guys on here. 2. As far as what I said, I stand behind that. Show me five guys on this website who own a Cobra and don't think it's the end all be all of cars....then I'll never hate on them again.
  14. I have given you all the info you need, what more do you want, you don't consider the V6 fast, who are you and who cares? I better run out and get a cobra like you so I can be cool. Plus you have a cobra and you only do 120 in the 1/4 mile. To me that is slow for a cobra, when are you gonna do something meaningful with the power house of yours??

  16. :nice:
  17. I just wanted to say that my V8-hating crusade is over....as bad as this particular guy is, I'm now throughly convinced they can't all be like that. :cheers:
  18. Although I don't drink (and am underaged anyway), I'll toast to that anyway :cheers: :banana: :nice: :D
  19. :lol: ...it's all good. :nice: :spot:
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