Mid West If You are in AR KS IA MO MN NE ND SD Register here

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  1. Noob here - from MN
  2. Central Arkansas Mustanger

    Checkin In....anyone else from Russellville/Little Rock area?
  3. Welcome, all.
    I used to live in Cabot a long time ago. That place has changed a TON since.
  4. Des Moines, IA here, own an 85 GT 5 speed and dad has an 83 5.0 glx vert (5 speed).
  5. Southeast MN here, in college for another semester.
  6. Brooklyn Center, MN.... 5 minutes north of Minneapolis...
  7. Des Moines, Iowa
  8. Omaha Ne.
  9. welcome! where do you race the 1/4? planning on attending midwest mustang madness at MAM this september?
  10. I go to KCIR in Kansas City, sometimes I go to Kearney. I might go to MAM, but 200 seems like alot of money. Can you just go for the drag racing?
  11. you will have to ask timeless2. at this point i have not heard if you can just drag.
  12. The show n shine and racing will be mixed, so you can participate in whatever you want to. Does this help?
  13. so you can drag race OR road race OR show OR ALL?
  14. Is it still 199 if you just go on Sunday and drag race?
  15. thats what i was askin tim....
  16. It is an all-in package price. That price gets you NHRA/SCCA certified instruction, a mix of racing on both days, camping, showers, fuel on site (credit only), and access to concessions.
  17. I'm not into road racing so I think I'll stick to Friday nights when it's 25 bucks.
  18. been a long time since I've been on here....n conway, AR...any1 else around here?
  19. Des Moines, IA

    I Drive a black 85 GT, and i go to the iowa speedway in newton to race the 1/8th when i can on friday nights.

    Edit: Didn't even realize i already posted back in may haha. My bad
  20. Im in Ft. Riley KS 85 GT T-Top 351W