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  1. Marshall MN, 2009 Mustang GT, 45th Anniversary
  2. Jesse from Davenport, IA but I am posting for my Father-in-Law Randy from Le Claire, IA.

    Randy has a 2006 Vista Blue Mustang GT with some goodies.

  3. York, Nebraska. Deep Violet 97 Mustang GT.
  4. Welcome, everyone! :)
  5. Wow, Ive been on the site for a while, but just stumbled across this thread. Im Nick, from Marion, IA and own a '95 GT. Hello to all.
  6. I've been on the site for a while too.

    Des Moines, IA

    '66 coupe currently having engine surgery...
  7. I'm Nick from Wichita, KS. This town is super boring and I wish there was some kind of Mustang club/car get-togethers. Cars are in my sig.
  8. who?? :shrug:
  9. Altoona, Iowa. (read just east of Des Moines) Anyone esle storing their cars right now and having withdrawls?
  10. ??? :shrug:
  11. Yup, wishing it was spring so i can get mine back out again...cant wait to race at track some more
  12. What track do you go to? I've heard the speedway in Newton has one and Knoxville sounds like a popular place to go. Also what are the fees and gear needed to run? Thanks

  13. I go to the iowa speedway in newton. Its $20 to make as many passes down the 1/8 mile as you can (i usually average 10 runs or so and i let my car cool down at times too). Unless your car is super fast all you have to do is wear long pants and a shirt with sleeves (even short sleeves work). Only bad thing is traction there sucks. I went to eddyville with my cobalt, its really sticky but a long drive and way less runs.
  14. Cool. Thanks for the info.
  15. come on over to the western side, to Glenwood. its about 20 minutes south of omaha/council bluffs. a few of us here race at www.midamericamotorplex.com. it is an 1/8th mile track and its not too busy most friday nights.
  16. Aren't you supposed to be in Wyoming? Or did you move? I'll have to check it out my buddy is stationed at Offut so I could always stay with him. Have to talk him into getting his 65 fastback out too.
  17. He's currently trapped in Wyoming, but is trying to get back to the Omaha metro asap. :p

    If you get really hungry to race, you can run with me on the road course. ;)
  18. That's what I eventually want to work into. Drag racing is cool and all but road racing is what I am truly interested in. I imagine your new Roush will be very capable on the track.:nice:
  19. im from omaha, and plan to move back soon.
    troof :( stuck in frozen tundra hell. :(
    if we work it better this year, we may have a mustang track day there.
  20. I hope so! :)
    We'll have to try like heck...