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  1. Cedar Rapids, IA here. Just picked up a 99 GT, been a good six years since I've owned a Stang or visited SN, but I'm back!
    2001 Mustang GT
    K&N Cold Air Intake
    Pro 5.0 Short Throw Shifter
    Lowered 2.5 inches
    255 lph Full Pump
    10K HID Head Lights and Fogs
    After Market Upper/Lower Rear Control Arms
    4.11 Gears
    Flow Master Mufflers
    MAC Off-Road H-Pype
    Nitrous Express
    18x9.5 Cobra Wheels (FRONT)
    18x10.5 Cobra Wheels (BACK)
    245/40/18 Nitto NT555 (FRONT)
    335/30/18 Nitto NT555R (BACK)
    Picture 032.jpg Picture 090.jpg Picture 124.jpg Random_2011 134.jpg Random_2011 136.jpg Random_2011 135.jpg
  3. Thats pretty Bad @ss
  4. Topeka, KS Here!
  5. Topeka, KS as well! Black 95 Cobra had a white cobra r hood on it for a while but its painted now.
  6. Very close to Columbus Nebraska! :D picture in the sig, can upload more if I feel like it.
  7. Overland Park, KS. 2002 Midnight Blue, CAI, smoked head/taillights, and soon Mac Dual Exhaust!!
  8. Topeka, KS. 2013 Race Red Mustang GT.
  9. Hey, I see you posted this awhile ago but if you get back on here, I live around Manhattan Kansas
  10. Its nearing spring so lets get together!! All my Northwest Ar (or close to) members PM me if your interested in getting together! Eureka Springs show is coming up quick....:D
  11. Hey there, Americansilver! Good to see someone else within 60 miles. Do you (or anyone else paying attention out here... :)) know of any gatherings, events, races, or some such going on around Eastern Kansas/Western Missouri? Heartland Park has a touring club posted on their webpage in April, but that's in the middle of the week and kinda tough to get to...
  12. Hey Ray Chowning, I go to Topeka sometimes, my girlfriend goes to Washburn. I haven't heard of any gatherings or anything, I don't get on stangnet very much im on modded mustangs and allfordmustangs more often . Let me know if you hear anything.
  13. Fort Riley, KS....Junction city, Manhattan area for anyone who is unfamiliar with area.....
  14. Posted old location a few posts back, but now in big 'ole Lincoln with regular (Monday Wednesday Friday) trips to Omahahaha. I see a few Mustangs every day, who are you people!!!?
  15. Also looking for get togethers/cruises/races/bbq/ anything with other stang lovers. New to the area and looking for summer activities
  16. Parker ks. 70 miles south of kck. Supercharged 1999 gt limited edition 1 of 314. 2011-09-039515.47.53.jpg 0901111616.jpg