Mid West If You are in IL IN MI OH WI Register here

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  1. Feel free to post where you are from and see what other members are in your area... You may also want to tell us what car you have and a link to some pictures!

    I'm from Naperville and have a place on Paw Paw Lake MI

    This thread is a continuation of the 'guest registry' that can be found here.
  2. It got a bit to long eh':D.

    For the second time...Lansing, Michigan here:nice:.
  3. lagrange, IL here.... hopin to go to the track sometime soon (possibly with some of you here) and hittin 13's in my '95 gt auto vert :D
  4. I'm from orland park IL, and i have a cottage in south haven mich.i have a 2001 gt electric green with chrome torque thrust from american racing you can't miss me.i don't know how to update my sig but if u tell me i'll put my mods
  5. Grand Rapids, MI here.
  6. Chicago, Illinois baby!!!!!!!!!!! South Side!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Litchfield,Michigan:D
  8. Calumet City, IL (southern suburb of Chicago) :flag:
  9. I'm in Naperville, IL... drivin' an '02 GT convert. :p
  10. my info

    Im 20yrs old from burr ridge,il ...I got a 97 gt vert all black.
  11. Skokie, driving Miss Blondie's twin.
  12. Ohio

    Dayton, Ohio :nice:
  13. cincinnati Ohio here but we have a summer house up in alden michigan (on torch lake) so ill be traveling up there in the stang a few times this summer
  14. Lakewood, Ohio :nice:
  15. Sterling Heights, MI here. :nice:
  16. Westlake, OH here
  17. Westlake, OH here:)
  18. Milwaukee, WI:nice:
  19. Milwaukee, WI:flag:
  20. Adrian, MI