Mid West If You are in IL IN MI OH WI Register here

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  1. 2KGT

    Livonia, Michigan
  2. Hot Damn Tim! You need to go on here more and tell us about this beast of yours!


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  3. Location

    Cleveland Ohio
  4. Im moving back to my home town Granite City, IL in 23 days!
  5. Hello from Webberville, Michigan, again

    well, I see I was also lost in the data dump...

    Either way, My name is Ken, I live just outside of Lansing. I own a 65 Mustang. I also run the Michigan Mustang website. :hail2:
    [​IMG]Blue Streak.

    Michigan Mustang


    Please make it your new home!

  6. "Blue" blupony......

    In 1996 I bought the first GT to come into Staunton. It was Moonlight Blue with no frils....except for the optional 3.83 axle. There was no spoiler, fancy rims, Mach 460, to make it stand out. That was just what I wanted.
    After having it for a few months we were in an accident and the car suffered minor damage. However, I didn't get so lucky. The blow to the car was all on one side with even force, but that same energy caused me to twist in the car and blow out 2 vertebrae. I relinquished the car a month later because I still had not returned to work.
    Now I am an Electrical Engineering student at SIUE and I graduate in 18 months. I want find that car. It means a lot to me.
    Hell, I still have a key and the VIN number!
    Don't worry.......I didn't spend $45,000 for an education just so I could wait to steal a car!
    I would like to find it though, even if its destroyed or restored, for sale or not. I would just like to know what has happened to it over the years.
    [email protected]
  7. I live in Clintonville, WI and go to school in Fergus Falls, MN.
  8. Ann Arbor, MI :nice:
  10. greenville, ohio close to dayton.
  11. SW MI (Benton Harbor) here

    What's up? I'm not brand new here, but I (obviously) don't post a lot. I wouldn't mind hangin' with other gear heads now and then to do something cool. :cheers: I drive a '04 Cobra, with no real mods (yet). My current project is building up a '86 Fiero and putting a SB Chevy in it (no one makes an adapter plate to mate Fords). :shrug:

  12. Kendallville IN here
  13. New to South Lansing, MI

    Still looking for the cruzin spots here! Anyone?
  14. '87 Ranger 5.0L :cheers:

    Battle Creek, MI

    hope I'm welcome here, since its just a Mustang with a ranger body
  15. Another stang from NW Ohio representing.

    About 30 miles west of Toledo.
  16. South side of chicago

    93 silver notch
  17. Farmington Il.
    85 GT 347 ci.
    88 LX 2.3 Turbo in the works.