Mid West If You are in IL IN MI OH WI Register here

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  1. Welcome, guys. :)
  2. Evergreen Park, IL is where I reside. Feel free to contact me. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone... macomb twp here. looking to pick up an sn95 and learn more about it here.
  4. Whats up every1,,,,Dyer ,Indiana here ,,,08 Black GT /Auto :)
  5. Dyer eh, Grew up in Glenwood, went to Dyer for gas and smokes when it was cheaper, now seems pretty close in price. Oak Forest now, but pick up my son in Lansing often, and at the g.f's house in Hammond often
  6. Cool ,,maybe i will see you around somtime. I spend alot of time in CalCity.
  7. hey whats goin on..im from chicago ridge, il. and have a place in lake geneva wi.
  8. Normal,IL 2003 GT, just moved here from SC
  9. I'm Jason, have a 87 GT. Presently in Novi, MI and have lived in Chicago, and Indiana a few times. I finally took the step up from owning two Probe GTs, and getting sided tracked for a bit.
  10. Drew from Lagrange, IN.

    Bought a friend's '99 S281 SC in April (#99-0318, really clever screen name, eh?) :rolleyes:

    Still haven't taken many (only two, heh) pictures of it yet...


  11. I'm from kankakee, IL and drive a vortech'd 94 GT.
  12. Hey everyone my name is Joey and from Aurora Illinois. Always have been a fan of the Mustang and finally picked one up. I have 2001 Bullitt #2294 in TRUE BLUE. :D
  13. Cincinnati, OH

    I feel like a spy here. GM owner working on my son's '94 Stang. I am a Mustang lover though.

    Sorry, Axe

    \m/ CincySpeed \m/
  14. Welcome!!
    just had my car dynoed at CincySpeed this week great place.
  15. Stow, Ohio

    From Stow, Ohio. Have an '04 GT, Screaming Yellow. Totally stock, with12,400 on the clock. Plan some mods in the spring. Just simple bolt-ons.
  16. I'm from Williamsburg, Oh and drivin a 96 Laser Red GT.
  17. Hey all, I'm currently in Ft. Wayne, IN but raised in southern IN. I have a 94 GT bone stock (except clutch and lack of exhaust!)

  18. in waukesha, wi 1984 gt350 on pony wheels
  19. Niles, MI here.. got a silver v6 5speed that im working on.