Mid West If You are in IL IN MI OH WI Register here

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  1. metro detroit, 87 gt. under constitution
  2. Spring meet somewhere?
  3. Chicago west burbs. New on this board
  4. Little farm covered town known as Flora, IL.. Southern Illinois :nice:
  5. I am from Greensburg, Indiana and drive a 1996 Black GT with a mach lip and cowl hood. I also have a 1997 laser red GT vert project with an '01 cobra engine
  6. toledo ohio 25 and always at car meets, shows or races
  7. Edwardsburg Michigan here and i drive a 89gt
  8. Effingham illinois here, just bought an 87 gt set up for drag. working on the motor this summer.

    Hey guys. Just wanted to let all my Illinois peeps know about a car show held at Best Buy in Geneva. We held one last fall and had a lot of fun and a lot of great cars showed up, but only one mustang! I'd love to see the Pony better Represented! There are a few different categories that are voted on and prizes awarded. Below is a website with the details. PM me or call the number on the website with any questions. Let's show 'em some Ford muscle!

    Best Buy Geneva
  10. Streamwood IL- 04 Gt few mods
  11. Just checking in from Eaton Rapids, MI:flag:
  12. I'm in Lagrange. Once the weather shapes up (IF it shapes up), I'll keep an eye out for meets/gatherings. :)
  13. Northeast of Columbus, OH here. Currently have a 08 GT with minor cosmetic mods, still trying to decide where I want to go with it from here!
  14. Just moved to St. Charles (Saginaw area), MI a few weeks ago. I would love to meet some fellow Stangers and new friends.
  15. Hi everyone! New to this site, I live in Redford, MI and have a '91 5.0 LX :)
  16. Hartford city In 94 gt vert with minor mods
  17. Madison,indiana on the ohio river with a 91 GT hatch
  18. Welcome Newbies
  19. Schaumburg IL, someone message me for a meet or something already!

    oh yeah, I'm 19, 2004 Screaming yellow cobra :D Anyone on here wanna hit up the track? lemme know :nice: