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  1. From Macomb, IL its about 4 hours southwest of Chicago i drive an 89 coupe thats all sorts of different colors now, but hopefully gettin sprayed soon.
  2. Southgate, MI

    Black 35th Anniversary Mustang GT LE Convertible
  3. rochelle IL about 60 miles west of chicago, 65 fastback in restoration
  4. Checking in from Westland, MI

    1992 GT
  5. Welcome, all!
  6. Indiana noob

    Hey guys, I'm east of indianapolis.
    I recently purchased a 1987 notch 306", automatic with some goodies!
  7. il

    Im form macomb Il 4hours southwest chicago I drive grey black 86 gt
  8. Hey folks, I am Nick from the eastside of Cincinnati, finally back into Mustangs after a 5 year retreat!

    I recently picked up an 89 Notch, former cop car!
  9. Ferndale, MI here driving a 71 sportsroof 302 "BOSS" & an 09 45th Anniversary V6 coupe
  10. New Baden, IL half hour east of STL.
    95 Cobra engine being transplanted as we speak, done by end of the week.
  11. Indianapolis, IN

    Bullitt 4685 resides in Indianapolis, IN on the Southside of Indianapolis.
  12. Hello all, in the nothern suburbs of Chicago. Looking forward to meeting some local enthusiasts...
  13. New here, im from Farmington Hills MI

    White 85 Mustang
  14. Bloomington,IL checking in!

    force fed, 2003 gt
  15. Joliet, Illinois here. I've got a 74 Mustang II with 302/c-4---not done. And a 64 1/2 Mustang 170ci/ 3-speed----also not done. Hope to have the Mustang II on the road next year.

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  16. I'm from Washington, Il (Peoria, IL area)
    1995 GT Track car w/ supercharged SVT Cobra engine
  17. Streamwood IL ,S-Hood!! NW Sub of Chicago. right near Schaumburg I drive a 88 Red Vert with a 5speed
  18. Hello from normal ill
  19. Scahumburg, Illinois!!!
  20. im from detroit mi. i have a 88 gt:nice::D