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  1. Im from Albion Indiana north Of fort wayne I have a 66 coupe and a 69 coupe working on the 69 now
  2. We're from Clinton, IL...Here's wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!! :D :hail2:
  3. Sup everyone!! So any welcoming baskets for the newbies : ) LOL!!!
    I got a 2003 Centennial Edition w/
    -Mach 1 chin spoiler
    -K&N CAI
    -JBA Shortys
    -BBK Catted H
    -Flowmaster Cat back but recently swapped them for a pair of Bassanis.

  4. sorry my first newbie mistake - duh. forgot to add:
    St.Charles, IL
  5. 89 lx with big dream

    I live in Eau claire Wi I have A 89 LX CONV. and a 75 mercury bobcat love both cars.
  6. im from streamwood IL..its bout 15 min away from woodfield mall
  7. Just moved to Canton, MI here...
  8. Wayne, MI here, right at the corner of Wayne, Canton, and Westland. 2002 Sonic Blue GT! I'm sure if you know the area, you've heard me roaring around during the summer!

    Pictures of the beast...
  9. Hey Shiroelex, we're almost neighbors
  10. Nice, I see that! I think I may have seen your car before too!
  11. If so it must've been online or in a magazine, I just moved out here and haven't brought the car out yet.
  12. WI

    milwaukee wi,

    1994 Gt greenish in color.
  13. I work at Meijer in Canton. Im always there.
  14. Chicago, IL.
  15. Indianapolis, IN. :lol:
  16. 2006 Mustang GT from Mukwonago, WI here
  17. Harvard Illinois. Best of both worlds Far northern illinois, southern most wisconsin. If your close shoot me an p.m. 65 mustang coupe. In processing of finishing it up.
  18. Welcome to another Wis. member!! :nice:
  19. Rockford, IL...Here! Teal green '65 Coupe 351W soon to make an appearance at Byron Dragway!!!!! :nice:
  20. Big Rapids Mi. Working on 90 lx 4 cyl to 8 conversion.