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  1. Indianapolis, if i haven't posted here before, Hahaha. 89 notch. 5 speed. 5.0 Nawwwwwws:flag:
  2. Decatur, IN, 20 mi south of Fort Wayne.
  3. Granite City, Il. Right across the river from StL. 04 Cobra
  4. Southeastern Indiana and i dont really have anything to brag about just a stock 94 v6 car at the moment
  5. 2010 GT - Naperville

    2010 GT with RTR 19" wheels, 275/35 Continental ExtremeContact DW's, Magnaflow Magnapack Exhaust, JLT Intake, 3.73 Ford Racing Gears, and Brenspeed tune with SCT tuner.

    Naperville, IL

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  6. Belleville, IL. 15 minutes from St. Louis. Looking to get together with other Stang owners from the area. Holler if you hear me. :)

    Purchased 3/31/11. Yeah, last Thursday night.

    2006 GT, Hurst shifter, X-Pipe and Flowmasters, Roush CAI.



  7. From Wilmington Ohio, I have a 96 GT that I am finishing up a t70 turbo install on. I don't know what I am doing and it is a basket case that I picked up. Anyone done this before and would be nice enough to lend a hand I would appreciate it. I am 50 mins. from Cincy, and Columbus and 30 mins. from Dayton. I am almost done just have a few points of concern, and need to give it a safe tune to get it to a dyno.
  8. McHenry IL.
  9. I just picked up this yesterday.
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    91 5.0L 5 speed Notch factory dark emerald jewel green.

    Been a long time mustang nut and finally got my hand on another!
  10. Door County Wisconsin '66 GT Fastback and just bought a 2008 GT Fastback
  11. Fort Wayne IN owner

    Im from Fort Wayne IN and got a 89 lx on spray and owned 2 other foxs and one sn-95 Photo0109.jpg
  12. Mike from Bay City, MI says "hey"

    02 gt vert, mineral grey
  13. Hey all,

    Rock County, Wisconsin checking in. Just finally got another Mustang to feed my addiction. Previously had a black 91 GT with mild mods, and a Sonic Blue 2003 GT(Premium package).

    Just picked up a 91 GT Convertible in 2-tone silver that is bone stock(exhaust only as far as I know so far) but runs smooth and well. Has fresh exhaust, fresh top and a few other things so its a good so lid project to get back into the swing of things.


    Link to a couple pics on dropbox: Dropbox - Modified - Simplify your life
  14. DETROIT MI driving an 89 LX 5.0 mettalic blue with 97 cobra wheels..check out my profile for pics and and add me for updates cuz im lookin to buy a notchback and make my lx a drag car..all other from michigan lets make a meet somewhere:nice::flag:
  15. Detroit, MI

    Detroit, MI! I have a white vert 89 LX and a 92 Bright Red GT. Like SlyFox says, add me as a contact if you're from MI and we can have our own little mustang show.:flag::nice:
  16. Wisconsin/U.P. border...1985 grey GT
  17. Mason Michigan
    87 Gt convert My car
    89 Gt hatch Wifes car

    I would like to meet people in the lansing area if they are around!!!!
  18. Brighton, MI
    2003 Mach 1
    Azure Blue 5-speed.
  19. Curt obviously. Pittsboro, IN. With how fast we drive around here you'll bilnk and be in the next town. :track: