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  1. southeastern and central ohio
  2. Ahhhhh... redemption! Found an old couple hiding a 1997 Cobra in their garage. It is perfect and has only 76K miles on it. Custom rims, new tires, and get this......a new Ford certified motor with 2800 miles on it! This car is a dream come true! They gave it to their son when he graduated college. He gave it back after blowing up the motor. They put a new motor in it thinking they would like the car for themselves. Turns out that the heavy clutch bothered their hips. It sat in a garage for 3 years and now its mine. They trust that I will appreciate the car more than they ever could. That was the purpose of them selling it to me. They had bigger offers, but they knew that I would take good care of it. Boy am I! Plan to bring in it back to its old glory. More details later!
  3. Cincinnati, Ohio here!
  4. Never been to Ilinmiohwi.
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  5. Noblesville, Indiana....just a few miles North of Indianapolis.

    89 LX 5.0 convertible
  6. Carol Stream, IL

    91 LX Hatchback
  7. Napverville, IL
  8. New to here! From Indiana. I am looking at a 2007 Shelby GT, Black with Silver racing stripes with 33,000 miles. Can anyone tell me what kind of price these are going for in other places please? Thanks in advance!
    Update! I DID buy the 2007 Shelby GT. It is for sale if anyone knows anyone who is looking for one! It will be coming out in the Indiana Auto/RV in a couple weeks.
  9. Just moved to Novi, MI. Where do all the foxbodies hang out around here?
  10. Carroll, OH (just southeast of Columbus)

    Have a lightly modded 93 GT (vibrant red) and a newly acquired supercharged 90 GT (wild strawberry). Plan to put the 93 GT up for sale in the near future.
  11. Anyone near Cleveland OH???

    2004 Mach 1
  12. Yep East Burb

    2000 3.8 Atlantic Blue Convertible.
    Chagrin Falls, Ohio
  13. Cincinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaatti , ohio...68 Mustang...sorry dozed off while typin.... this thread was so long. Maybe you should do some spring cleaning?
  14. Saginaw, Mi.. On the hunt for my first Fox! :)
  15. I have a new 2013 boss 302 # 3047 and a 2010 Roush 427R #10-0533 contact me for price pics will be added later today my name Chris H.
  16. Dayton Ohio here. Finally got another mustang after a 7 year drought! Looking to get involved in a Club... Anyone has any info of and ACTIVE one in central or southern Ohio let me know! Ive been sending out emails and it seems there's not as many as there use to be...
  17. 05 torch red GT from Chicago,il
  18. 64.5 mustang coupe- cincinnati OH here. No motor yet but im piling parts up all over the garage.
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  19. Sounds like my garage.. My fox runs, but needs some love.. New doors, new hatch, different rims and tires! :)