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  1. hi i'm from IL and I have a 1996 4.6 mustang and i am just getting started and i was wanting if anyone could tell me what kind of exuast to get for my car and if your have any sound bytes i could listen to please reply or send me and email at [email protected] :confused: thanks for all your help

  2. If you want to sound different than the pack, go with Borla. It cost more, but you get what you pay for in this case.
    It makes the 4.6! :spot:
  3. Macomb MI here :cool:
  4. Springfield illinois and carbondale, Il Mostly carbondale though.
    Ive got a 92 Lx that is a Turbo 2.3 in progress. Pics and Details are on my web page.

  5. I can be found in Naperville, IL
  6. Batonville Illinois -- Fox-Body heaven. Some very sweet 5s run this neck of the woods.
  7. Bartonville, IL

    2001 Mineral Grey GT
  8. Live in Arlington Heights, Illinois...always have. I go to Illinois State in Normal, Illinois! :nice:
  9. des plaies IL, :banana: :banana: :banana:
  10. HANOVER PARK, ILLINOIS 1992 NOTCH :cheers:
  11. a-town
    adrian, mi
    99 svt cobra
  12. Terre Haute IN. .here
  13. I'm in Lomira, Wi

    I just bought an 87 LX 5.0. It has underdrive pulleys, Accel supercoil, and subframe connectors right now. In about two weeks I will be going with a nice cat back exhaust, a full tune up(as the car has been sitting for the last six years), and a new rack and pinion.
  14. Bridgeport! Archer/Ashland

    Dam Ricers around here! "Wait till I get my hands on them!"

    For some reason they love white castle?? :puke:
  15. Indianapolis, SW side out by airport.
  16. Howell, MI here :flag:
  17. Bassani! Nothing beats their quality IMHO. Plus it sounds wicked on mod motors. :nice:
  18. I agree tony
  19. From good ole Jackson,MI.
  20. I live in Round Lake Beach IL

    And drive a silver 86 gt with ponys.