Mid West If You are in IL IN MI OH WI Register here

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  1. Lansing, Michigan
  2. Cincinnati, OH
    Home of Paul's Automotive

    2000 GT Coupe
    1969 Mach 1
  3. Hadnt yet signed on here. Im from Dearborn Heights Michigan. Im 1000 yards from Detroit. Ive got a lightened for racing 2001 Performance Red GT Convertible.
  4. Lombard IL, looking for cruisin or some gatherings

  5. Columbia Station, Ohio. It's right next to strongsville, Olmsted, Berea and Ridgeville :nice:
    1989 Black Hatch. If you see a whistling hatch with 2.3 on the fenders, it's me :)
  6. Villa Park, IL. 02 true blue GT
  7. I'm corpse.. I have a bright red 69 fastback sportin Cobra R's.. I live down by crystal lake (IL).. see sig for a few other details..
  8. Shelbyville, Illinois... Blue 89' hatch, 17" chrome cobra R's....hard to miss
  9. New 95 GT Vert owner in Hamilton, Ohio, just north of Cincy.

    Stop by for a beer and some garage racing... :D

    Chris West
  10. Des Plaines IL,
    91 5.0 5 speed, me and my brother sause5201 always lookin for some more stangs to go cruzin with, :nice: :nice:

  11. Brookfield, Wisconsin
  12. Cary, IL
    driving a 93 red notchback
  13. Carol Stream Here...Formerly a Camaro guy, but Just bought a 96 Mustang GT SVO....All i can say is WOW!!!
  14. Hamilton, OH here, '88 Thunderbird non HO 5.0L
  15. Heath, Ohio (30 min north/east columus). But, I go to college at the University of Cincinnati (in cincinnati )

  16. livonia michigan :nice:
  17. i am in New Berlin, Wi (near milwaukee)
  18. I'm from Grand Rapids, MI...helping a friend out with his mustang...so I came on here to get input from people on things.
  19. I am originally from Mason City, IL.

    Used to work in Springfield though!