If you could have 2...

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  1. After reading the post about Mustang225 selling his new edge for a classic convertible, I started to think about what other Mustang I would get if I could afford the 2. I'm so financially married to mine that, even if I wanted to, I would lose my shirt. I dont desire to see my car go, how sweet would it be to put another Mustang sibling next to it, though.

    I dont think I have the patience for the vintage models unless it was already restored. I like the idea of another turnkey, reliable driver (not unlike my current ride). I used to drool over 03 and 04 Mach 1s. I could also go for something in a 2008 Bullitt, anything latemodel Shelby, maybe a California Special. New 5.0s look mean.

    Maybe this time I would take the Kilgore Trout path and just enjoy the car for what it is. Maintain a more collectible car, as opposed to going mod crazy and building another frankenstein.

    I'd like to hear what anyone else would have as a backup weapon and what you would or wouldn't do to it.
  2. If I had a new edge or SN body style I would look at either a stock 93 teal cobra or a newer GT500. If I had the cash funds a 95 Cobra R would be on the short list as well.
  3. I owned my '88 Mustang 5.0 and a 2003 Mustang GT that i bought brand new at the same time.

    Around 2008, i needed a winter vehicle considering my commute was 25 miles each was, so I traded it in for an Infiniti G35x.

    If i had a place to park a 3rd car, i'd pick up an Azure Blue Mach 1 5-spd. Some day.....
  4. I hear you on the Machs. I want one of in competition orange. I've even contemplating stripping all the stuff off my GT and buying a Mach to put it all back onto.
  5. I would probably get a 2013 Boss 302. I would actually rather have the boss than the GT500. The GT500 is a big heavy bruiser that just can't put the power down. I like the balanced approach of the boss, plus all the track and handling extras. :)

    If I had a boss, there wouldn't be much need for my 212k mile 97 gt since the boss could be daily driven, leaving room for a second pony in the stable. While a classic 67-69 GT/boss would be fun, I'd have to get a clean 85/86 SVO instead. Yes, I know this is just an effort in self inflicted pain, but I still love the SVO.
  6. I would buy an 03 cobra vert keep it stock and drive it whenever I want even in winter.
  7. If I had money
    • Boss LS
    • 93 Teal on black cobra no sunroof
    • 03 Mineral grey Cobra
    Stuff I can afford
    • 98 BAB cobra
    • 95 opal frost GT with porno red guts
    • 87 or 88 GT white red guts
    • 02 Mineral grey GT vert
  8. I am pretty content with having a 72 fastback and an 02 conv with a Kenne Bell. Though uprading the 02 after blower install been keeping me from showing the 72 some love.
  9. I like the idea in theory. But it is just so easy to do stuff to these cars. You start out making statements like "I'm only gona lower it a bit and thats all" then 3 years later you have a full bolt ons car and aspirations to add another couple hundred horsepower.

    Been looking at the 08 Bullitts lately. Maybe I could buy that and the exclusiveness would help me leave it alone. Probably not though.
  10. If money wasnt an issue...

    08 Sterling Edition Saleen S302E
  11. I have my 2010 Camaro SS, my 03 Mustang GT, and my 94 Mustang GT. I'm currently looking at getting a 97 or 98 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC and then an 00-02 LS1 powered F-Body!! At that point I will have everything I want. Maybe a 2010 Viper in a couple years!!
  12. You've got quite the garage. Nice
  13. Lol, well that's the problem...that I don't have a garage. I'm trying to buy a house so I can have a garage for storage and working. Because installing parts in a parking lot sucks, haha!!
  14. If I could have two Mustangs, one would be an 03 Cobra. Built motor, twin turbo, all the fun stuff; toy/track car pretty much. :burnout:

    Other would be a 67 Fastback. Slick paint job, stockish Coyote motor with a 6-speed Tremec. Daily driver. Sharp looker. Oh yes. :drool:
  15. I like the idea of a Bullitt, green and stock and clean as it gets. Hidden in the corner of the garage under a cover. And a 65 Shelby, white with blue stripes, behind it.
  16. It's be a toss up between the '03-'04 Mach 1 and an '03-'04 Cobra for me. Both black on black for me thanks.

    ...screw it, I'll take both. I'll just have to get rid of my Fox.
  17. 93 teal cobra FTW