If You Had $4500 For Mods!

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  1. Hey guys I am in the market to put some go faster parts on my 90 mustang. I really want forced induction. Not sure if I want supercharger or turbocharger or just different H/C/I. I am hoping you all will help me decide on what to spend my $4500 on. So I'm asking if you were in my shoes what would you do with the money. I have done a lot of research on different systems.. ie turbo/supercharger/nitrous but I am undecided. I am a firm believer in Buy Once, Cry Once so maybe upgrades in the future might be possible but I'd like to do it once. Basically what I'm looking for is a slight Wow factor, with 400 to 475ish horsepower. My car as it sits has full sub frame connectors, 3.55 gears, Ford Racing Aluminum drive shaft, BBK shorties w/ x pipe and tips, aluminum x 302 head with 1.7 RR, e 303 cam, ported? polished cobra intake, CAI in the fender, 73 mm MAF calibrated for the 30# injectors, 70 mm TB, Tremec T5 HD z spec 5 speed, Milidon 7 quart oil pan, pully kit, stock fan and shroud, 5 lug conversion with disc in front and drum in rear, hurst shifter, 17x8 all around cobra rims( looks like basically no backspacing/offset.), It does have rear upper/lower control arms with quad shock delete. It definitely needs suspension upgrades as it is real stiff. I am going to buy 17x9 rears and a set of MT ET streets or the Hoosier DRs so no need for rim/tire combos.

    At the track my first time ever I pulled a best 0f 13.701 with 2.19 60 ft (basically 2.2) @106 mph
    with 245 45 17's street tires. I was told that my car is a high 12 sec car with tires. (not sure sounds good tho)

    My goals are mid to low 11's.

    I'm not asking what kind of suspension or tires etc.. but what would you buy for the motor to go fast.


  2. What struts/shocks and springs? Blower or turbo, should be able to do either for around $2000-2500 Sell your injectors/maf put that towards some 42's and a better maf. Get some draglites with some drag radials, Save the rest for the trans thats going to fall out. Or sell it and put the $$ towards a good trans. ​
  3. I know my suspension and other things are in need.. This is a discussion on what engine / induction parts you would buy if you had $4500 to spend.. Like i would get afr 185's with cam to match.. or id get the hellion kit.. or Id get the v3 si kit or... etc... I know what suspension / trans / tires im getting .. this is for motor / power upgrades only..
  4. $4500.... buy another beater fox and spray the :poo: out if it!

    You will still have enough extra money to buy a few short blocks when you blow them up.
  5. pfft.. lol beat up foxes around here are 4k+_
  6. Damn... they go as low as 1000 here for a stock driver. Average around 2000 for a decent car.

    Seriously though, you should only be looking into a turbo set up. Nitrous is cheap and easy but gets old in a street car. Its also a pain to refill bottles, heat bottles, maintain pressure, ect. Supercharger is just not an efficient way to make power. Turbo wins every time.
  7. I vote Vortech v3 si. You'll have about $1k left.
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  8. this is exactly what my fellow worker tells me every time... I tried arguing with him about buck for buck nitro performance but he said TURBO! and walked away...lol
  9. I can get the v3 si kit shipped to my door for $2800 and I'm contemplating that right now..
  10. That novi 2000 looks very nice! for today i'm leaning towards that.. but yesterday was a $800 nitrous kit. HELP
  12. Like should I buy a dart shortblock, or just get the turbo/charger? Damnit why is buying stuff so hard?
  13. Change your intake, as the Cobra maxes out at around 350hp. I would go for either a systemax or TFS R. Then two options

    1. get a custom cam from Ed Curtis along with good springs, long tube headers and a Zex Nitrous kit.
    2. Get an S trim and a blower cam from Ed Curtis or Anderson Motorsports
  14. With the mods you have, a blower will make plenty of power. It is also simpler than a turbo.

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  15. what is the best intake for 450 hp?
    I know the cobra intake sucks but thats just whats on it for now.. I will replace it in a min..
  16. Now see.. I like this info...
  17. Take a look at @TOOLOW91 build thread. He did a 302 with aluminum heads and a tfs cam, then added an a trim vortec. He made mid 400's hp to the tires.

  18. Get a kenne bell for sure. Also they are on sale right now.
  19. What's the point if its not going to get to the ground?
  20. The point is I have 90 10s and 50 50s coming along with18x9 295 35 18;s... So lets just keep to the point!
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