40th Anniv If you have a 40th post here

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Jim25, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. I do! Its got 26k miles and I got it for 7k (which is cheap I think). I waited out the 10,999.00 price to drop and it did! :lol:
  2. Black 04 GT coupe with a 5 spd here.
  3. Silver 2004 GT 5-Speed :nice:
  4. redfire 04 Gt 5 speed :nice:
  5. You guys need to adjust how far back you can see posts...This is about the tenth such topic.


    Crimson Red, White, Black. Arizona Beige Stripes. All others are simply 2004s with 40th badges.

    My Crimson Red GT Conv. has 10.5k miles. Sleeping for another winter.
  6. black gt with auto transmission
  7. 04 gt convert

    Screamin Yellow, Black convertible top, Dark charcoal interior, 5 speed, with some very fun mods!!!
    1 of 315 built! yellow mustang registry
  8. 04 black gt 5 speed front mounted turbo :D
  9. Just picked up my Sonic Blue 04 Mustang GT 30k on her!
  10. My 04....

    I have a 40th Anniv. White with some mods but am looking to add more if there are any suggestions??? I'm kinda new to the mod world and adding in horsepower. Starting a new hobby....

    K&N Cold Air Intake
    3.73 Gears
    Fidanza 2.1 Clutch
    Under Drive BBK Pulleys
    SCT F3 Tuner
    X Pipe Exaust
  11. This is mine. 5sp. black interior
  12. 40th, 5 speed. Love it.

  13. Yep. 5 spd.


  14. Hi I am from PR and have 40th anniversary oxford white with gold stripies. My mods are:

    KN air intake
    tokiko suspension
    borla exhaust
    SCT tuner
    20in motorsport bronz wheels

    I am trying to fing out how many where made this color. Ithink the only one on the island.
  15. 04 Sonic Blue GT 79k miles

    70mm FRPP Throttle Body
    MGW Short Throw
    Richmond 3.89 Gears
    K&N CAI
    SCT (Bamachips) Tune
    C&L Plenum
    BBK Long Tubes
    BBK catted X Pipe
    Flows out back

    In the garage to be installed
    Eaton M112 Supercharger
    Tork Tech 2v Terminator kit (intercooled)
    Ported Cobra TB
    90mm MAF
    JLT true CAI
    39# Injectors
    Kenne Bell Boost A Pump
    Ported Plenum
  16. 04 Mustang GT

    2004 GT Crimson Red anyone can hace normal colors but Crimson Red is the one for the 40 Year Aniversary that is the bomb
  17. My 2004 GT Conv. is Crimson Red with the Arizona Beige has 21000 miles on it like nu....
  18. I have a crimson red 5 speed 40th anniversary coupe with only 9100 miles i ordered the car with the rear spoiler the car is stock except for billet upper and lower grille inserts and the chin spoiler, will probably add a cold air intake system,and a borla exhaust, the car gets looks where ever i go, it has never seen snow and has only been rained on once, i love the car
  19. That spoiler was probably dealer installed; I do not think the dealer could order a Crimson car with a spoiler even at the request of a customer. Did they extend the stripes from the decklid over the spoiler?
  20. spoiler

    yes they go over the spoiler