If you haven't deleted your PCV yet...

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  1. ....this might change your mind. Pulled my upper off for a P&P this afternoon. It's largely in good shape, except for the #6 long runner. Check the last pic. This is from an early-year 2000, so it's got the hideously-overactive PCV (aka "turbo-suck").

    Nothing really spectacular, just thought you folks might wanna see some pics. :) Surprisingly, the #6 plug was actually pretty clean, not fouled at all.

  2. ewwwwwwwwwww

    mine looks the same way......I hate it, but with it being my daily driver, I don't have much time to go out and clean her up. It's been so cold here lately that I actually took the car somewhere to let someone else change the oil......what was I thinking?????

    What will clean that stuff out? I know I have a little gunk on the blade of my throttle body and all through the intake. Carb/intake cleaner won't get all that stuff out, and it's a major PAIN to pull the intake again
  3. Any brand-X engine degreaser should do a pretty good job at nuking it. Any kind of petroleum-based solvent. Not sure how you'd clean it without removing it from the car, though. :)

  4. you gonna polish the inside and outside dan?
  5. I've got one question about that last pic. Is your intake cracked, or is that some massive pubic hair that dropped half way into the intake? :shrug:
  6. That'd be my dog. :) I thought it was a crack at first too.
  7. :lol: :nice:
  8. how many miles since you last checked it dan?
  9. Only 30k miles. Pretty heavy buildup for only 30k.
  10. that's definitely not dog hair. Now, what have you been doing with your intake????????

    you lonely, lonely man
  11. Oh it's dog hair alright (covered in oil), just like everything else I own, covered in that little bastard's fur :). Half terrier, half retriever, I think. :)

    Apparently you're not too well-endowed, because those ports are waaay too little for my equipment, dude. :)
  12. once again :lol: :nice:
  13. what year is that car? if its a 99-00 i can understadn it, i dont have much of any blow by in my 01 putting breathers on can not be teh best thing in the world either.
  14. What is this PCV and what does it do, etc etc. I have an 00 so I was curious as to what's going on since I'm in the dark a bit as to what you guys are talking about.
  15. It is the hose that comes out of your drivers side rocker cover. It recirculates the burnt oil fumes and other crap that gets burned in your engine back to the intake to get burnt again. It is an emissions thing but it fugs up the intakes with that black ****. it was a really big problem with the early split port engines because it was causeing some sort of knocking or something. Alot of people delete it out and just put a little breather cap on the rocker cover to allow the gases to escape.
  16. SpectorV, the car is an early 2000 (said in my original post), so it's one of the ones with the severe problem. There's nothing wrong with putting a breather on, so long as you can live with the smell (worse if you run the AC a lot).

    00StangV6Coupe, PCV = Positive Crankcase Ventilation.

    Basically, when your engine is spinning, you get peaks of high and low pressure in the bottom end of your engine. This is bad - if the pistons are having to fight positive pressure in the bottom end, it robs you of power. The answer is just to open up the bottom end (ie, don't seal it air-tight) so that the pressure doesn't build up. The hole on your valve cover is to vent the bottom end of the engine. Engines have had ventilated crankcases for almost all of history, but up until the 60s/70s, they'd always just be vented into the air with a breather cap.

    Since the emissions laws got tighter, you can't vent that into the air any more. There's all kinds of nasty oil fumes and spent crap floating around in there. Very bad for pollution. So for the last 3 decades, the government has required that those fumes not be allowed to escape into atmosphere, so manufacturers recycle them back into the intake. There it gets burned cleanly.

    If you have a poorly designed PCV system (like my POS Mustang), or a bad PCV valve, it can suck oil into the intake. Passing all those nasty oil fumes into the chambers to be burned hurts power a bit (I must stress a BIT - might rob you of 0.5hp, really not worth worrying). You're fine removing the PCV system, just be aware that depending on your local rules, you may or may not pass emissions, and your conscience may have issues with venting all those bad fumes into the air. :)
  17. I personally vent fumes all the time!
  18. That's a problem you should have looked at! :D
  19. they are fine to use but it stinks bad... sitting at idle with the air, vent or sometimes just sitting there. other than that htey are good, i had them on my car but took them off due to the smell. I wish i coudl keep them stupid engineers .....