If you live in Atlanta, GA area please come in.

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by clev357, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. HEY! How ya been?
  2. Imagination. you are seeing things, no way ol clev357 is here.
  3. Hey GP, I'm doing well. I'm terribly busy though. I got married on Dec. 6th and just got home from my honeymoon. I've now got 4 weeks to rebuild the 69stang. I sold my DragPak torino. That should be getting picked up in a few days. Oh yeah, I've got to learn how to open and run a mortgage company over the next few weeks too.

    Honestly though, I'm really excited. It will be a ton of work but it should pay off nicely. Thanks for asking. :flag:

    Hey Foghorn, are you from the Atlanta area? I never knew that. If so I look forward to meeting you and seeing the car. Gotta run for now. I'll check in often. :nice:
  4. nope, I mean 'here' as in SN.
    I'm in so cal.
    I know there are people from atl. SPEAK UP!!! :D
  5. Hi. Im in atlanta. There are some good mustang places here. lots of restoration parts places. the fact that mustangs unlimited is here is awesome.

    What part exactly are you moving to?
  6. Bartow county, The town is called White, GA. It's a little above Kennesaw.
  7. I must be halucinating. :eek:

    I know we get to chat once in a while on IM Clev, (usually when you need something ;) ) but I had all but given up on seeing you around here anytime soon.

    Good luck with the move man, I thought for sure you had already cleared out by now. :nice:
  8. Well like you said; I need something, new friends. :flag:
  9. No Way!!! You got rid of the Torino? Did you ever repaint it from the yellow? That's a B/A car. I hope you got a good price out of it, now that your married, forget about messing with cars, I don't care what she says, LOL!! :rlaugh: (At least not if you plan on staying married.)

    Man, it has been a long time since you've been here, I know have more posts than you!!!
  10. Yeah, yeah, everyone keeps cracking about the wife. She is as sad as I am that it went. I didn't have the means to keep it and restore it anyway. I'm glad I had it as long as I did. I just drove it to the shipper at 7:30pm. It was a good last ride. I will miss the heck out of it, but I just made room for a new toy. That or I freed up money for one of my three stangs. I really can't squalk guys. At 26 I have a lot and I'm greatful for it.

    BTW, Thanks for all the support from all. It's nice to see I wasn't forgotten. Hope I can be in here more often. :nice:

    Oh, I never repainted it.