Ignition actuator switch broken please help!!!!

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  1. hey guys, my dad told me that the ignition actuator switch/rod is broken in my steering column and he doesnt know how to fix it exactly, he can see its broken, but he doesnt know how to fix it...im sorry i cant go into more detail because im 900 miles away from the car, and i cant take pics, but hes kinda frustrated and feel bad for him cause **** keeps going wrong with my car since i left...can ANYONE point me in the right direction on how to fix this? he can see its broken because its visible, he just doesnt know how to fix it...please help! thanks
  2. The ignition switch fix in Mustangs is a simple job. You remove the plastic cover on the steering wheel to access it, and there it is. There are two screws that may require a torx bit screwdriver to remove them. Check the wiring carefully when you remove the switch to make sure it isn't damaged and that the plastic connector shell isn't melted. The switch sells for $12-$15 at most auto parts stores.


    There is a FREE recall on Ford ignition switches. They overheat and sometimes catch fire.

    Copy down you VIN number and call the Ford dealer nearest you. Tell them you want to see if the ignition switch recall for Fords & Mustangs was done on your car. They will ask for the VIN number & check it against the master database. If it isn't in the database, then you can schedule an appointment to have the switch replaced for free. The TSB is #95S28, and don't let them tell you that they don't do that anymore...
  3. Michael, if the linkage is what took a dump (it happens occasionally on 94-95's), you gotta drop the column down a little bit to access the linkage. There's a dinky pin that shears or falls out.

    Good luck.
  4. thank you sir:nice: ill let my dad know...