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  1. this winter i am planning on fixing my ignition system. The car was running fine, then something gave out in the ignition. i can turn the key, the lights turn on, but when i turn the key to crank the motor, nothing happens. I bought this car half restored, and the only part of the car that needs work is the ignition. Rather then try and locate and fix the problem (lately this only leads to yet another problem later down the road in a short time) i want to rip out the old ignition and install a totally new, fresh, and good looking set up,
    This is where i need your help. My intake side of the motor consists of a holley street demon electric choke carb, edelbrock intake, and stock heads.
    What ignition set up would be good? if you guys are willing to post what "your set up would be", it would be very helpful.
  2. You may want to check/replace your starter relay. This is the unit next to your battery.

    Ignition Suggestion
    Parts in in my garage. Waiting to install until I have the motor put together...

    MSD 6a Ignition Module
    MSD Billet Distributor
    MSD Wires
    MSD Blaster Coil

    You can same some $$$ and go with a Pertronix install instead of a distributor. I'd still opt for the MSD for the ignition.

  3. Painless wiring has a good set. I personally have nver installed it or used it, but I have heard nothing but good comments about it. BTW, I have a favor to ask of you. I need to get some 01 Bullitt seat covers to install over some 02 GT seats and the Ford dealership I called said that he couldn't see weather he could get some for me or not becuase they were listen in tirm code #. Could you please look on your drive door and tell me what the interior trim code is so that I can tell the dealership and see if they can get me some Bullitt covers?

  4. either you have a bad starter solenoid, or one of the wires going to it has a bad connection. I favor stock ignition over aftermarket, but its what you feel is best that matters.
  5. Sounds like he's got a bad ground. Check your ground wire connections
  6. thanks for the imput all of you. any yes i can find the trim code and part number if that would help. Geting the number might take a day or so.
    p.s keep the info comming
  7. i second the relay thing...we've had nothing but trouble on our stangs with those POS's. also, i run the pertronix, and it's a nice little setp w/o all the hassle of the msd system. took 10 min to put in, and required no other modifications to the car.
  8. Thanks Mike! :nice: