Ignition switch replace

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  1. Well after 172k the old key just won't turn in the ignition. The replacement looks pretty straight forward and not a big deal. I'm just wondering if there are any little "tricks" or anything out there that I am unaware of. So many times when I finish something someone always says "heck if you had done this or that the whole thing would have been easier" The result of that I have learned to ask first, so I figured I'd throw it out there,

  2. I had the key won't turn with my truck two weeks ago.


    For the F150, and I think Mustangs are the same, you have to be able to turn the key to the run position to get the lock cylinder out. Turn the key to run, and push in on the release pin on the bottom of the lock housing. It will come right out.

    It is worth fooling with until you can get the key into this position. Thats what we did. Spray a bunch of WD40 in the key slot, it might get it to work again.

    I got it out, and soaked the lock core and cylinder with WD40, and reinstalled it.

    The last ditch procedure is to drill down the center of the keyway with a 1/2 in drill, and break the cylinder loose from the stub shaft at the end that actually turns the pinion that moves the rod to the switch.

    Been there, done that.
  3. Yea when I put the key in nothing turns,it won't even chime when the door is open. Just one of those things I guess. I don't understand it's only 18 years old.
  4. Well it took some persuading but I got into tht run position and it slipped right out. A quick run to the parts house and we're up and running again. Thanks
  5. For any that read this another option is to drill the lock tab out.
    this is how we did it in the shop. Drill straight up thru the acess hole into the lock pin. when it is out the cylinder will slide right out.