Ignition switch wires

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    Can anyone tell me what the wires from the ignition switch operate? Also can you tell me the alpha/numeric and color wire that it corresponds to. If you were to be wiring a push button engine start switch which wires would you tap into?

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  2. Eddie, off the top of my head I can't remember. You need to invest in a Digital Volt Meter and learn how to use it -- this is an installers BEST friend. I wouldn't tap into ANY wire in your vehicle unless you verify it with a DVM. Most vehicles have many wires of the same color and the Mustang is no exception.

    Using a DVM is really quite easy. Plug the black probe into the COM terminal and the red probe into the DC / AC Volts terminal. Set the meter to a 15 - 20 VDC scale and connect the black probe to ground. Then use the red probe to determine the wiring scheme of the ignition switch:

    Ignition: Wire(s) will have no voltage with the key back, but have voltage with the key forward AND while starting.

    Accessory: Wire(s) will have voltage with the key back and with the key in the forward position, but not while starting.

    Heat / AC: Wire(s) will have no voltage with the key back, will with the key forward position, and again not while starting.

    Start: Wire(s) will have no voltage in any position but when starting the car.

    Your mustang will have multiple wires for several of these that will have to be powered via your remote start for it to work correctly. Good luck.
  3. much is a good DVM? any specific brand, or woudl a radioshack oen do alright?