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  1. Bought a 95 with a bad lock cylinder. Replaced lock cylinder and now will not go back to off or accessory. Removed cylinder and gear and the plastic rack will not go all the way to up. Took off electrical switch still will not return all the way. What is going on?
  2. It's easier for me to post the links rather than explain it to you. You need to install the ignition lock a certain way and the switch in order for them to engage properly.

    Take a small screw driver or something small and insert it into the tiny hole on the underside of the column. Put your key in the cylinder, push the little button up on the underside with your screw driver, then wiggle and pull your old lock cylinder out.

    Thanks to LMRS for the tech tips. These are for fox body mustangs but you will get the idea.


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  3. My problem is not with the cylinder even with the cylinder out the white plastic rack gear will not move all the way to accell position with or without the lock cylinder installed.