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  1. Anyone have any depressing II updates. This summer is shot for me. I consolodated all my debts and I have no Money to insure or drive the II this summer. I sold the 1991 Lincoln Mark 7 to pay off some more bills. I will be driving my rusty dented Mazda 323 winter beater, while the Mach sleeps under her car cover locked up in the garage this summer :( :nonono:

    There was a wise man that once said "The only way to leave your wife is dead".
    He was right :D

    On the bright side I will owe no money to anyone come December. I plan on finnally doing the brake & wheel upgrade (I have talked about for years) this comming winter. I have never even had my Mach to the track yet! I wanted to see how fast/slow it was before I swap to the Edelbrock heads.

    Summer projects:
    Wash the bird poop off the Mach and Mach car cover.
    Tidy the garage.....again.
    Install new 5.0l engine in the Mark 7 for her new owner........ :notnice:
  2. sad to here about your luck. my king cobra probably will not make the streets of winnipeg this summer either. mainly due to the fact i wont be home in manitoba.
    working in alberta is great for the pocketbook, but sucks when i cant even work on my car!! :canada:
  3. Gas prices are killing me this summer. The 'Stang gets a little better mileage with the 3.10 gears, maybe 10 now instead of 8. I commute it to work, 22 miles each way. The converter is so slippery, too, the RPM doesnt change at all when the car is under 40mph, between 2nd and 3rd gear.. hah.
    I took a friend for a full throttle blast around the block (it's a couple miles between blocks) and I think the car sucked down about 2 gallons of premium. I'm not kidding, either.
  4. Want to hear a sad update?!? My car isn't even here at my place, it's still in storage and it looks like it will remain that way for the rest of the summer! :fuss:
    I haven't had the time to even think of working on it and i don't really see it letting up any time soon. :notnice: I guess i will have to just read about you guys and be envious for this year.
  5. My car just needs a better radiator for hot summer city commuting. Its fine driving unless I have to stop for more then about 5 mintutes. Otherwise it's good.
  7. Sounds like a better fan(s) might solve the problem.
  8. My bad news is that it won't stop f-----ing raining!!! My II won't hook up on wet pavement; it's a deathtrap in the rain. I've had her running for over a month and have had exactly two days of driving when I could really enjoy myself. The car's garaged about 50 miles from where I live, and I have to swap my commuter for it for the week (one parking space at my condo.)

    Weatherman says showers and thunderstorms all this next week. . . . sigh.

    Blue Thunder, I feel yo' pain, brother. The dual-quads seem to use about a gallon of gas every time I goose it. I average 8 mpg. Gonna be an expensive summer -- if it's ever summer. . ..
  9. Well, I can't say I'm having any BAD luck, but I've been so busy with other stuff that I really haven't been able to do much on the II for a while. I was hoping to have had the car done and running by now.
  10. Well I replaced the fan last year, it's a 16 in flex a lite fan. It cools just fine until its really hot outside and I am stopped for awhile. The radiator has been patched so I don't think its cooling to its potential. And a shroud would help.
  12. Flex fans typically suck for cooling. Put a stock Ford fan on and it will draw much more air. And put a shroud on, it's the single most important part of your cooling system. Do those two things and I bet you never have cooling issues again.
  13. All three of my II's had flex fans as stock. All three were replaced under recall for potential to crack and separate. I thought the original V8 fans were 17", with the shroud extending almost above the radiator. I think Megan's biggest problem is the lack of a factory shroud. Without it, at low speeds, the fan can recirculate the same air behind the radiator, without pulling enough through the radiator.

    I would be curious to see if raising the rpm a bit brings the temperature down.
  14. I couldnt do the 17 inch fan because of clearance issues. My engine sits a little higher then normal because of the motor mounts.
  15. I ran the stock-type Ford flexfan for quite a while, and eventually, I noticed that the blades had cracked and bent straight out and had gotten the edges caught behind the rigid steel supports, so it kind of stayed "flexed", even when the engine was off.. haha (And it wasnt exactly cooling very well.)
    I have weird motor mounts also,(I don't even remember which ones I used, or how I did it) so I too had a clearance problem with the larger fan. I never had a shroud, as they're very difficult to find in good condition, and I always had overheating issues, especially at idle.
    I tried some type of stainless steel "hi-performance" flex fan, that weighed almost nothing, and cooled.. almost like nothing. It finally failed and tossed a blade out onto the pavement. I don't think they're designed for very high rpm applications, even though "hi-performance" was printed on the box.
    I finally got around to getting electric fans, and it's automotive heaven. I run Mr. Gasket fans, because they're made in America.(and they're fairly inexpensive) I have one pull, one push. These little charms KICK ASS.

    I especially like the fact that the water pump is now totally unburdened by any mechanical fans whirling around in whatever god-awful unbalanced condition they run in, and so the pump bearings should last a lot longer. (And of course, there's that parasitic drag savings, too :) ) Free hp rules.
  16. I have about a month left of driving the II before I leave for navy boot camp, and then school, so I will have no II for a bout 6 months. I'll just have to buy parts and stock pile them.
  17. I used to manage a speed shop that belonged to a large chain. I checked the data and the Mr. Gasket fans had the lowest warranty claim numbers. (we sold nearly every brand). I have two 10" mr gasket pullers on my Mach and she runs as kool as a cucumber...... and I prefer brunette's :nice: I would probably consider getting the rad re-done. I had a my 75 style rad re-cored with a high effitentcy core and it runs 180 all day long now compared to 200-210 with the stock good condition rad. You may want to check a wrecking yard for electric cooling fans. I work at a wrecker dismantling late model cars and we usually just chuck the fans so you could likely get them pretty cheap at your local yard.
  18. I had an electric fan on my mustang for a little while after the engine got rebuilt. I think my mech got it from a salvaged grand am. Anyway it went out and we were trying to decide what to get next. We went with the flex a lite fan mainly because of fitting issues with the electric. The electric fan before was mounted to my radiator via zip tie type things and it put 4 holes in the radiator. It just hasn't been the same since. The flex fan cools good and it has never overheated. Its gotten really hot almost to the point of overheating but I was always able to get it back driving and cooled down before it happened. I only have the problem if I'm stopped for too long, like if theres a major wreck and its over 80 degrees outside.
  19. Good to see your not sellin her now :nice:
  20. hmmm was 113* today, would not even consider starting mine