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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by MUSTANG J, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. First off, I live in Guelph Ontario Canada.:canada: :canada:

    I have a set of four 13" factory steel 4 spoke rally wheels for sale. they have 205/60/13 front and 235/50/13 rear tires on them 98% thread. $100.00 I will include 2 extra wheels and two extra 205/60/13 tires with this sale. (One front tire was flat for a while, may be damaged.) I figure with 6 wheels and two extra front tires you would at least have a good set of four wheels and tires!!:D :D [no center caps or chrome rings]

    I also have a set of four factory 5 slot aluminum wheels with scrap tires on them. The wheels are in fair shape $50.00 no center caps.

    I have very wide 13" bias ply tires B60-13. Canadian tire Tornado's hehe. They have never been mounted, but have been sitting for many years. $50.00

    I have two 85-93 Mustang 10 hole phone dial rims without center caps. fair shape. $40.00

    If you want my whole lot of 4 bolt wheels and 13" tires make me an offer and bring your truck! :D

    I am switching to 5 bolt as we speak, and I want all the little wheels and tires to go to a good home! Call Jason 519 824 1035 or 519 821 6740
  2. The wheels. One needs a re-paint, I had a flat and a idiot fixed it (scratched the paint all-up). The 205/60/13's are Cooper Cobra's The rears are 235/50/13 BFGoodrich T/A's (no longer made)

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  3. Sold!

    I'll try to call you this week (March 5 - 10) or email me at [email protected]


  4. pictures, pictures, i need pictures...:D
  5. Turbo II beat you to the punch LOL:D
  6. no problem, i was wondering if they were the special wheels i was looking for.
  7. WTH are you going to do with all the 13's Francis???

    I know you have several II's but I mean....really...:D

    And yes, Imp, Francis IS the greatest:hail2:
  8. Jon & Jonathan, Thanks for the kind words. :) I certainly have dealt with some great people here and on "that other site" (Jason included!). Seems most II owners are good people, especially us older guys :D

    Right now I'm in dire need of 13" rubber with raised white letters, I need a set for the '78 Cobra (it's going back to stock with the white styled steel rims) and also the tires on my Ghia are pretty well shot (fun when it's dry, but a handfull in the rain..good thing I don't live on the coast eh? ;) )

    Eventually Elvis (the King) will also need a set and by the time it's finished 13" rubber may be even harder to find.


    Did you ever find a set of white cargo panels? Since I know how long your search has been going on, I've decided to just re-shoot the yellowed ones in the '78 with vinyl dye. I just don't have your patience:D

  9. Ha, ha, something needs to said about people who hoard parts for MII's. :D :D :D Francis, how the heck have you been? Its been a while since i have heard from you. yes, your valve covers are on my car. :hail2:
  10. hi, can you please contact this guy as i am waiting for a registration and tell him i would like to have them? thanks.

  11. Hi, Markysinatra,
    I cannot tell how how much i am grateful to you for passing this on to me. Cobraii351 posted a reply for me. if anyone really knows me on here, it is the fact that i do not forget friends. I just hope it works out for me, if it does i will be getting back to you. guaranteed. Do you know this seller?

    P.S. Francis knows me well.

  12. Hi Francis!, God I miss talking to you. Work is crazier than ever. How is the family? valve covers are doing fine, please mention to your daughter. i don't forget friends. No, i never found a quality set of orignal white cargo panels. I'm still looking. :D

  13. heyy any luck on the wheels?
    Like I said before I dont know the seller at all just saw the add and thought hey 1970impala was looken for those. hey if the seller never gets back to you pm the buyer, he might let em go for a little more...
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