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  1. My stangs in pieces so I figured I would start a build thread (Lots of Pics)

    The main reason it was completely apart, is that is was going to get painted but that has now been put on the backburner since it needs a new motor.

    All wiring is getting tucked in the engine bay along with some things relocated.

    Heres is some pictures of how it currently sits




    Rebuilt rear end, 3.55 gears, 31 spline axles, Ford Racing traction lock


    Parts I just got back from powder coat except for the rear calipers, I bought them already done



    Rear end is back in




    I test fitted my 2 wheel options, leaning toward cobras




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  2. Nice work so far what are your plans for it? I like the chrome 5 stars my self but your the one who has to be hapy with what you put on it!!! Both look good. I look forward to seeing more!!!
  3. I like how you powdercoated the exhaust. Is that a 3" system?
  4. It's just going to be a fun street car that may see the drag strip and auto cross a couple times a year.

    They are the flowmaster 3 inch tail pipes, I powder coated them because I couldnt stand seeing the bare pipe behind the tire

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  5. I think the fr500's look way better.
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  6. I know cobra r's are "played out" but in my opinion they are the cleanest looking wheel for our cars and still look great after all these years.
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  7. Small Update

    Out with the old, Being replaced by team z k-member, coilovers, 13 inch cobra brakes



  8. Looking good. Just wondering are you going to re paint the engine bay? Car looks very clean.
  9. I was planning on it but then I found some bad news about my current motor and my budget can cover a new motor and paint. Its been killing me not being able to drive it this year. I would just do the engine bay for now but its a one off color and would take more trail and error than its worth to match. The color I was planning on changing to was the new deep impact blue. I thought about filling all the wholes and doing the engine bay black but idk.

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  10. Updates
    Engine Bay Primer
    Engine Bay Color Satin Black
    Ready For Front Suspension
    Parts To Be Installed
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  11. Very nice. You're gonna have a lot of fun with it.
    What upgrades you planning for the engine?
  12. The engine is going to be a mild, low boost, stock block 347. Ron Anderson Performance E7 heads, AFM B451 Cam, Performer RPM (Ported Upper and Lower) or Tubular GT40 Intake (Ported Lower)
  13. 347 with e7's...can they be ported enough for that motor? I think that will end up being your bottleneck. Maybe with the boost you will be ok.
  14. Why not port and polish some GT40P's at least? Still budget friendly, and will outflow the E7's... I really like the black engine bay. I would have done it the same way myself. Way to go so far!
  15. Im certain on the 347 yet, may just leave it a 302. Im not really sure about the RAP E7s but Im going to give them a shot and see how they do. They are no where near stock port wise and have 1.94 and 1.60 valve in them. I got them a while ago and was going to put them on my stock 302 and see how they did but then found some bad news going through it so its getting rebuilt.
  16. Got the front suspension installed today
    Sitting on rubber again finally!
  17. Its getting warmer so I started working again. Installed some LEDs for my cluster illumination.


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  18. Looking awesome. Did you finalize an engine combo yet?
  19. looks great man! i'm in the process of doing a 4 wheel disc/5 lug swap as well, using 04 GT brakes. i have a few questions, if you don't mind. did you make the lines for the rearend, or is that the MM kit? what did you do about the hoses up front? what booster/master cylinder and prop valve are you using? thanks a ton!
  20. That looks great. I like the satin engine compartment. Very reminiscent of the classic Mustang engine bays.