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  1. Nice build thread so far, I can't wait to watch the progress. Keep up the nice work.
  2. Yeah really nice, and coming along, only wish I had the resources to get to that level....
  3. Yeah its going to be stock block 347, it wasn't going to be much more money over doing a 306. I wish I could go with an aftermarket block but my budget wouldn't allow it. Going to stay with the Ron Anderson Performance E7 heads, AFM B451 Cam, Performer RPM (Ported Upper and Lower).

    Yeah, I made the hard lines on the rear end and the SS hoses are MM. The hoses Im going to use up front are also MM. Im going to be using a 93 cobra booster and a 94/95 cobra master cylinder and adjustable prop valve on the line going to the rear.

    Thanks for the comments guys
  4. Very nice! :nice:

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  5. thanks for the reply man. one last question. what year and type mustang did your rear calipers come from? and which rear braided hoses did you get from maximum motorsports? reason i ask is because i have 04 gt rear calipers and i was looking at maximum motorsports rear braided hoses and i see they sell them for 94-95 cars, but not 96-04 cars. i want to get their rear stainless hard line and 3 hose kit which includes braided caliper hoses and chassis to axle hose, but it says it's for fox's using sn95 calipers. so if the hoses won't work with 04 calipers, obviously i couldn't use it.

    thanks a lot for your help
  6. 94 to 04 rear calipers are all the same, the only difference between cobra and GT versions are the cobra have different brackets and different pads to accept the bigger cobra rotors. I'm using the 94-95 hoses on mine. That looks like a good kit, I think they came out with that kit shortly after I had finished doing my lines.
  7. I forgot about putting LEDs in the HVAC controls. I put 2 from the LEDs I had left over in them.

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  8. 93 Cobra Booster, wiper motor, throttle cable, speedo cable, firewall adjuster, MM steering shaft installed

    Wiring installed for AEM Meth controller and MSD 6AL2 to be installed under the drivers seat


    Wiring ran for gauges


    My next task


    My wiring diagram for all my add on wiring


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  9. Looking great man. You seem to know your way around wiring. Looks very neat and organized. I see you have an EVTM. Can't wire a car without one of those!
  10. SpeedHut Gauges arrived today



  11. Speedhut has some really trick gauges. I wish I knew about them before I bought all my autometer ones. Where are you mounting them in the car?
  12. OOoooo I like. All of it. And those gauges look great too.
  13. OK I'm sold I'm going speed hut for gauges
  14. Im going to have the fuel, boost and an AEM A/F on the A pillar and the oil, water and an intake air temp below my radio.
  15. some progress, got brake lines finished up and dash installed





  16. Looking good. Those little things like LED's in the gauges make a huge difference in the quality of the car to me. Just makes the car feel refreshed.
  17. Started getting the wiring ran and wrapped up







    Started modifying a mach 1 chin spoiler to fit.


  18. Slow going but making some progress

    Got the fenders and front bumper re-installed and installed new headlights




    Front tire fitment, 275/45 nittos, they were on the wheels so I tried them! they stick out a little far! Swapped one to a 245/45 today to see the difference. Much better but not enough tire for the wheel. Im going to get 255/40s. It doesnt help that I have way to much positive camber right now and no weight in the front. Needs alignment when Im all done.



  19. Small update:

    Cobra brakes installed, waited to be bled when the girlfriend gets off work!



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  20. Flawless build man, quality work. I gotta do a LED swap, it makes the stock gauges look new.