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  1. Loving the brakes. Just curious did you piece together the brake components or did you buy a kit.

    Thinking of doing the jump to 5 lug.

  2. Thanks, I pieced everything together, If you have any questions Ill try and help.
  3. I got my universal Griffin radiator mocked up and mounted and wired my contour fans and flexalite controller.






  4. Looking good bud what size fans are those 12 or 10

  5. Thanks, Im not sure, Ill try and go measure later
  6. Looks really nice Ike,...I really like the satin finish paint in the engine compartment,....what is it?

  7. Thanks, Its POR15 chassis coat black, I wanted something durable that I wouldn't have to worry much about and that I could do myself. This is my first time doing any body work or major painting.

    MikeH686, I went an measured them, they are roughly 11.5 inches
  8. Some Progress

    Powder Coated and Polished Parts


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  9. very nice work, love the led's in the cluster. gonna have to do that myself
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  11. Almost done engine shot

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  12. nice build
  13. Engine compartment cleanup and detail is top notch.....great work!!
  14. Very cool! Nice job. :grats:
  15. I haven't been on in awhile but was going through some things and noticed I never posted completed photos




    I found some old ones too!! This is when I bought it years ago!


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