I'm a "Founding Member" Now?

Discussion in '1965 - 1973 Classic Mustangs -General/Talk-' started by chepsk8, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. I just noticed my title changed. :shrug:

    I guess I've been here long enough! and Inever got the custom title!

    thank you to whom ever promoted me! :banana:
  2. wonder how long you have to be here to become a founding member?
  3. Time here

    I joined Jan 2001, but I think the site has been up since 1999...
  4. Related to age? :shrug:

  5. got me curious..i noticed i am jan 2001 also..
    i dont have as many posts ..but i have 3 mustangs lol :rolleyes:
  6. must be because you're one of the Ancients!
  7. Been here since I was 18. One of the younger founding members, I guess.
  8. I was 15 when I started posting. Joined when I got my '66, and that was a long two months before I turned 16.

    Do the mods change the title? When I became a founding member it was a day after I mentioned, in the V6 forum, how long I've been posting here, so I thought 77sleeper changed it for me. :shrug:

  9. It's related to age, income, post count, and level of senility. ;)
  10. Well, I make it on senility alone!!!!
  11. Founding Member? We didn't even know you were missing. :rlaugh:
  12. Well you can exclude me on income and age.......I forget, what were the other two?:scratch: :shrug:
  13. OR should that be FONDLING member???:eek:
  14. the founding member status seems to take place about 4.5 years after registering....
  15. Makes sense, as I joined 4 1/2 years ago....

    (Now if I could only remember back that far!)
  16. Then how do you know you joined 4 1/2 years ago? It coulda been someone else using your name, just as you frequently use hers!:nono:
  17. Oh, I'm so confused!!!! All these things to remember!!! When I was young, way back in the days, we cavemen just grunted at each other, and all was well.
  18. Then we discovered fire............................. :shrug:
  19. thanks oboebrian and the stangnet management..for the fact i am a founding member now also...
  20. If only I could get a change in status based soley on the number of bad words I've suppressed during my long-term project. My 4 year old son usually accompanies me in the garage, so a smashed finger or somthing not going well ususally means my langauge sounds a lot like Yosimite Sam from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons...