I'm a Founding Member? What's this?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 1320stang, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. I guess it's something better than just a plain old member (like me).
  2. omg, wtf is a plain old member. My wife would like to know. :lol:

    No really, I want to ban some of you lower ppl now but I guess we dont get that yet. Maybe in the next 7 yrs. heh
  3. heh thats odd, doesnt seem to go by post count either
  4. Damn, I sure set myself up for that one. :(
  5. anyone who is a founding member has 1998-1999 join dates
  6. It means your a founding member no?

  7. sum**** if i didn't hafta go and change my username b/c i needed a change a while back i could be one too
  8. Well it just means that some of us have been around here for a long a$$ time!! :cheers: I do think its pretty a cool way to recognize people who have stuck around for 5+ years. Because I tell you what, I have seen a lot of people come and go since I been here.
  9. Nah it just means you guys are older than dirt around here ;)
  10. You guys should be happy with any title change. I've been here nearly 3 years, during which time I have asked for help, given help, gotten advice, been called names, argued with, forgiven, been forgiven, laughed, ****ed and whined about 1,645 times (as of this writing, and not including the Talk forum) and I STILL am a lowly super stallion! Oh well, could be worse, I could be a gelding... :rolleyes:
  11. Move over brother, ME TOO !!!!!! :D :D :bang: :bang:
  12. I'm still looking for mine...
  13. Well, back in the day.... we used to post via pony express....... get it...... PONY!?!??! express..... (guess you had to be there)

    Used to you could look at the members list and sort by join date. I joined only after about 2 months after StangNet started, believe me, it looks a lot different than it did in the beginning. I think that Craig with the St. Louis Blues avatar is the only one that's been in the classic forum longer than me that posts very much at all, and I haven't seen him around in a while. I guess that makes me the old man on the old board at StangNet. I guess founding member is better than throbbing member, I think the blood would all go to my head. :D
  14. I will continue to be 'the answer man' ....no idea how i got that title
  15. With Super Dave retired from SN, It looks like you get the old man title, and I get the super-postinator award.

    <- post #4571. :D
  16. Thing is, I'm not that old, only 37. SD joined in May of 2000, I'd been around a year and a half before that.

    And I've got better things to do than be a post wh0re. :D
  17. 8 years older than me man, that's old. :D
    Like I said: old

    **GASP** well I never. [stomps off insulted] :jester:
  18. At least you don't have those canbarelygo seats in your car anymore.

    Dude, we still gotta meet up sometime. Maybe I can swing some tickets to the annual "Go kick the crap out of UT" at the Cotten Bowl this year.
  19. LOL! I know that's right about the seats. :D

    That'd be really fun. I'd love to play tour guide to my part of the world :nice:
    Hook 'em horns!