I'm a Founding Member? What's this?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 1320stang, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. $45 and go Money Order. My address is on FE Nats website.

  2. :cool: They could call me a Fondling member.
    :flag: A member in StangNet's Old Farts Club. :D

    I may be getting Older, But I refuse to Grow Up...

  3. The M.O. will be in the mail today, thanks Larry :nice:
  4. experience with age eh fellas?
  5. OK, now what's this? ^^^^^^^^^

    Bullitt doesn't have the founding title, but his name is in Bold red?!?!?!??! What's that one about????? :shrug:
  6. Looks like: custom title > founding member status.
    If you don't have a CT, I imagine it defaults from super stallion to founding member.
  7. Veeeeerrrrry interesting. And I can't help notice that he's only been around since 2000 also. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. :rolleyes:
  8. LOL...I bought my first Mustang 26 years ago and on here I'm a friggin noobie! Gotta luv the interweb! :rlaugh:
  9. Crap. Now I'm a "senior's member" for a title. I'd be happier with "wrinkled member" though. Doesn't sound quite as old.
  10. hmm..am i a founding member?
  11. .......................and yet, some "Founding Members" have contributed LESS than 1000 times in 5 or 6 years. I know, I know.............quality, not quantity.
  12. Hey whatever happened to ol Super Dave, I know he was in bad health, but what is goin on w/ him lately?? And whatever happened to corpse???? :banana:

    And where the hell is gingerbreadman??????????????????????? Y'ol hippie! :D
  13. I think people with the bold red title Pak, are ones that made a group purchase or something like that from stangnet.

  14. Hey, I'm still around, and Worth is still breathing as well.
  15. hey i want a fancy shcmancy title now :(
  16. Why'd you start over Ozsum?

    HEY!!! There's Craig, where have you been old man?
  17. well......I've been hanging out in the........um....5.0 forum, I'M SORRY GUYS I SWEAR!
  18. Uh oh, I'm seeing a ban coming on...... :nono:

    :owned: :rlaugh: :lol: :banana: :spot:
  19. It's been a while since they've handed out some custom titles. Should we start making noise?