I'm a Founding Member? What's this?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 1320stang, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. Damn! And for once I thought that I would be on top here in SOMETHING... but you got a year on me... So, do you remember the introduction of the Mustang at the 1964 worlds fair in NY? I was a little kid but it changed me for life! But I was really impressed by the the amphibious cars too, if only Mustangs could do that :D
  2. Not quite, you've only got me by one year! As for being a kid at heart....that's why we play with all these cool toys!:D
    I just noticed I'll be coming up on the three year mark in October.......:crazy:
  3. Ahh haa, now i see why my username is red. :lol: Didn't know what was up with that. :D
  4. You guys and your titles. Make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Hmmmm.....does it? :rolleyes:
  5. I'll trade my title for that true blue gt. :p

    May just be my next ride..that blue is hot!
  6. Sorry man but this car has both my heart and soul. I've even lost two girlfriends over my stang....maybe they will give me the title "dumped again"
  7. I just noticed FOUNDING MEMBER under my title. Wow the years have passed so quick. It seems Ive lost some post too. Oh well. I did a search and found this thread so I thought Id bring it back from the dead like me.
  8. Yeh everyone lost posts in some catastrophy that happened in 04 or 05. Luckily I don't post all that much so I didn't lose that much, but I think I've only just overtaken the posts that I used to have.

  9. You know that you are really old if you're still cruising swap meets looking for old Foghat and Jefferson Airplane 8-Tracks.
  10. Yea, me too.................plus I have been slapped around by the moderator numerous times via PM's.

  11. WOW! Where did this moldie oldie get dredged up from?:scratch:
  12. Ok, what's the difference between "official member" and just plain old "member".

    As for bouncing between the classic forums and 5.0 forums, heck that's what its all about... I've owned a mustang from almost every generation but the IIs.... hasn't every body?

    There is something to be said for a modern 5.0 car with power everything and AC... sure, they don't turn heads like the classics, but, they sure are easy and relatively cheap to modify.

    Well, I'd better get back to wall prep... got to get the bedroom painted this weekend.... yuck!
  13. Uhhh...hate to bug ya bro but the 5.0s are not exactly "modern" ya know...last put in Stangs a decade ago.
  14. Man, another old one back from the past. Now if we could only get the "Topless" thread unlocked & back!

    Historic! Welcome to the "Talk" side! Never thought I'd see ya here! Welcome! Feels good, eh?
  15. i dont post much but i've been here for awhile.lets see what mine is.
    thats funny i have the same title with my wife.
  16. Dan, don't look now, but I think we're in "Tech" land..............:shrug:
  17. loL YEP

    man look what i started (restarted):rolleyes:
  18. For your daily fix go here:


    Worth the sign up...................72 pages of almost "topless" at our local forum here in Augusta! Tell them I sent you.

  19. Oops! My bad! Quick, move this thread to Talk!!!!!

    Ah well! (but my Topless thread was stll one of the best this forum ever saw!)