I'm a hypothetical madman! Rolling the sub 20k V-8 and IRS into one thread.

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Choose your weapon.

  1. IRS? For under 20k and V8 power? Sign me up!

  2. I was gonna get the GT anyway and better power potential locks it.

  3. Still will wait for the special editions.

  1. Ok. I'll preface this as I have in the past in that this is TOTALLY 100% theoretical! Don't climb down my throat hollering left and right that this or that won't happen. Trust me I know it won't but it's slow around here and I want to spark some debate.

    Soo....Let's say Ford decided to make a sub 20k V8 in addition to the GT. BUT let's say the sub 20k V8 was 19,995 AND it had an IRS set up. Here's the catch...it's only got the 2v 260 horse V8 still in the V6 body let's call it the GTS. And the GT will have the 3v 4.6 with live axle and all the looks and it'll be 25k. And for further fuel on the fire it becomes very evident that modding the 2v mod for mod will NEVER produce the gains for the 3v. Your 2v bolt on mods will get you say...30 horses while the same mod on the 3v will free up say 50.
    The GTS will be faster in everyway stock around the track and the GT will be much faster down the strip and will have greater potential.
    Which would you pick?
  2. GTS for the weight savings and the IRS.
  3. How much weight do you think you would save? The 3v motor is already 75lbs lighter then the 2v. I dont understand how the 2v motor even got into this on these boards. The confusion centers on MANY reports of a 300hp car for under 20k. It was not said that it would be a 260hp car or a 20k GT. Just that it would be a 300hp car under 20k. To me if its true, it says it will definitely be the 3v motor or a modified 2v. Since it would cost more to mod the 2v, I think its out all together.
  4. The means the V-6 will be at about the same hp level as the 2v. I don't think that this will happen. They should maybe put the IRS into the GT and call it a day.
  5. :lock:

    This thread has no meaning. There is no way that Ford is going to build a 2V GTS version of the 6 cylinder Mustang with IRS rear suspension. You are dreaming. Just stick with the facts that we currently have on the 2005 Mustang GT. It's got a solid rear end axle. Like I said in previous posts and threads in here. If you want IRS buy the Cobra Mustang. The regular Mustang GT will be more expensive and it will cost more if Ford puts the IRS into it as standard equipment. I am a skinflin and a big cheapskate. I don't want to pay a thousand+ extra dollars just because some people in here want the IRS to go on the Mustang GT. Get the Cobra Mustang if you want this and leave the Mustang GT alone.

    Now we can :lock: this thread. It's a stupid thread.
  6. If you don't like the thread don't read it or post in it.

    Not everyone can afford the estimated $40K+ the New Cobra will cost. It would be nice to have a 300HP+ Mustang with IRS for under $30,000.
  7. I believe the platform they are building the new Mustang on is already in use for a couple of other cars (where did I read that??). And both of them already have IRS. IF that is the case, then it is the live axle that is the redesign and should cost more money. Or be an extra-cost option, since it appeals to a smaller market (proven on these boards) Just a thought.......
  8. That would be the dew98 platform with IRS. As stated by the lead eng. at ford, "THIS IS A NEW PLATFORM NOT A MODIFIED DEW98."
  9. Ron no offense but did you comprehend the title and ohhh I dunno the first 2 freakin lines of my initial post?
  10. Yes I know this but I'm trying to have a little fun with hypotheticals.
    This place could use some livening up. As I said in the first place I know full well it's not going to happen but does it hurt anything to find out exactly what people would be willing to sacrifice in order to get what they want?
    Loosen up a bit Ford won't kill ya if you speculate on a message board. :)
  11. It would make the most sense to have the same 300HP engine in both V8 cars, but have the live axle on the sub $20k V8 LX and the V6 car. The guys who want live axle are the guys who go to the track and want the lower weight/lower cost/lower option cars. The IRS should go on the $25k+ GT with all the bells and whistles. I think having a lower HP V8 makes little or no sense. Guys who spend $25k+ on a car with all the creature comforts are probably gonna expect IRS. Putting the solid axle on the more expensive car makes no sense.
  12. Isn't that what we're all looking for? A little meaning in our lives? Someday I might just find it on Stangnet forums. That will be swell. :D
  13. Omegalock, I was by no means trying to cut you down. Just stating an opinion
  14. you guys need to get over the fact that cars get more pricier each year.
    a 25k+ is no longer "expensive". your average SUV cost 10-15k more.
  15. I know man hence the :) in my response to you as opposed to the lack of one in response to another post.
  16. Sorry, but I have to jump on you.

    This thead is retarded

    :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock:
  17. :rolleyes:
    Read the first post again and let it sink in.

  18. ummm yea ok :stick: :rolleyes:
  19. OK, I read it 3 more times and here is my revised comment.

    This Thread is Theoretially Retarded