I'm a RICER!

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What do you think?

  1. Your car would look tight with 99+ wheels and the SVO hood

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  2. Just the wheels, the hood is crap

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  3. Just the hood, your pony wheels are great

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  4. Crovax still is an ass hole

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  5. Damn ricer, get out of here!

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  6. Paint that ugly black trim blue!

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  7. Leave the trim black

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  1. I gots my NOS installed, I have badges on the sides, full exhaust system, wheels from the upper model, and I want to get some new body parts.
    Anyway, I think I want one of those fiberglass SVO hoods... you know, fits the 87-93 stang, and has the scoop in the center instead of offset. My stock hood has TONS of chips in the front, some light hail damage, and several badly touched up gouges. All that I am worried about is wavy fiberglass, and a poor paint job....
    Also, I want to get 99+ GT wheels. you can see a pic with them photochopped on the last page of my webpage. It would be pretty sweet if I could get SN95 spindles with dual piston PBR's and rear disk brakes at the same time. :D
    What do you think, would it look nice? What would you do differently?
    last thing, I want to replaint the side moldings and trim. Do you like it black as stock, or the same color as the body?
    EDIT: dang, I tried to get the multiple vote option, but forgot. Could a moderator please change it? :hail2:
  2. save up for a 5.0, 2.3's are slow.
  3. I don't realy understand the poll, but I'm not into fancy hoods or wheels. I know 99+ wheels are not fancy, but your wheels a just fine for the way you drive your car no? bigger wheels means more expensive tires but that's a personal thing, I've never driven your car. I realy hate the black trim areound the side of stangs.

    :rlaugh: Anyway....
    here is a picture I photochopped up with the wheels on. Anyone want to add blue trim and an SVO hood? :D
  5. well actually the same hood from HO Fibertrends is going on my car so I'm w/ you, and I've got my '98 Cobra copies so I'm w/ you again. If you're a ricer w/ both are :nonono:

    I think it will look great :nice:

    Hey I knew you'd involve Crovax in this somehow! Good one! :D
  6. I await the day you blow this too.

    "Control, you must learn control."
  7. You think I will blow the hood or wheels? :scratch:

    At least it took me 6 months to blow the NA with 15psi of boost. It only took you a couple days to make big problems for yourself! :rlaugh:
  8. Do the '99 wheels and paint your trim blue (always thought it was, actually, your blue is so dark). Leave the stock hood - damn ricer. :D

  9. white wheels

    White wheels look great on your color car. I would know, because i have them.
  10. hood

    I like the mach 1 hood. Not really too found of the svo hood but hey it is your car.

    Sorry about the 2 posts...
  11. The head problem? What do Ford engines have to do with me and you?
    106,000 miles on a turbo engine doesnt compare to a busted a4ld and a blown engine.
    Just think if you lived away from your parents the damage you would have done!
  12. inovation and break neck speeds come at a price, lol not that the a4ld needed a reason to go ;)
  13. how about that cro is still an a**hole :D
  14. Looks like you've got some camber problems with those 99+ rims on. :lol: :lol:

    I think the ponies look fine, but the 99+ look good also. I would skip the hood, and the trim looks fine black, but blue would be better if you're just itching for a project.

    And don't get me started on Crovax... :nonono:
  15. why not:shrug:
  16. Simple.

    Crovax = teh suxors!

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    :owned: :owned: :owned:
  17. It won't look "tight", but it'll definitely look good. Have the nitrous purge out of the hood scoop.
  18. :rlaugh:
  19. A friend of mine has a blue LX similar to yours. When he painted it, he painted the side trim to match. What a difference. The car looks like a new model Mustang and just so much cleaner.

    Even my car, even though its black, i chose to paint the moldings gloss black to match. Glad i did cuz it looks so much better.

    I like the rims. More and more Fox owners are stepping up to Sn95 wheels and brakes. I think they look better on Foxes than SN95's plus the big SN95 brakes work well on our light foxes.

    I don't get the ricer comment on them. Larger wheels/tires and brakes help performance.

    Now the SVO hood? not my style, but to each his own. My hood will be a small Cobra R style hood.