1. Hey everyone I'm back and fresh out of High School and already started college! Yippy! Not much has happened to the car since I've last posted. New tires, tune-up, a few small interior mods, and tinted the front windows again! (Fingers crossed I don't get pulled over) ;) I also know I need some lowering springs! Haven't got to it yet! I have a few questions for you guys since I'm not the most handy man there is. Well I'll quit blabbing on and ask away!

    I want to start thinking about rebuilding my motor and getting a different cam while I'm at it! What would you guys suggest motor wise and cam wise that I still can drive in town with no issues. I also would love to have a turbo in it! Someone give me a ballpark range of what all this costs? I have no idea whatsoever! It'd really be nice if someone gave me the steps I should be headed in before a motor rebuild. What parts should I get and so forth. Thanks in advance everyone sorry if this is a beginner question I just have no idea really! :p

    (Most recent picture of the car uploaded!) Thanks everyone!

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  2. How much money do you want to spend? Really. An actual number you will part will.
  3. I vaguely remember you!

    But anyways, what's your budget?