Im bored.. here's some pics of my car :)

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  1. Hey all. its been a while since I've been around here, so I'll post pics of my v6 :)

    Its a 2001 Zinc Yellow 5 speed. its got 180 hp and 206 tq. Runs quite well in the 1/4, done some high 14 runs (I don't have my time slips handy, so I dont recall exact #s)

    Lets see... mods are Bassani Exhaust, 3.73 gears and t-lok, ASP underdrive pulleys, MAC cold air intake, sub frame connectors, steeda lowering springs, steeda tri-ax shifter, 17 inch Spring Feature GT wheels wrapped w/ Kuhmos, sequential turn signals and reflective bumper inserts :) woo hoo! OK here are some pics...


    Wooo hoo! that was fun! I have more pics, but I dont wanna bore you. But have fun and enjoy!
  2. she likes yello. its a pretty car.
  3. Show us pics of your other cars!! and pics of u, I would enjoy that more!
  4. Yes, nothing beats a picture of a hot yellow Mustang but a picture of the Hot owner!

  5. cool. got any new pics of the shelby? :shrug:
  6. Steve,

    Are you an aeronautical engineer? I realize that your Mustang pictures were taken at an airfield. What do you do for work? I love planes. My favorites are the Piper Warrior and the Mooney.
  7. no pics of the shelby on this computer, unfortunatly.
    I have pics of my 5.0... but again, not that exciting. Come on ya'll have seen my pics, you don't need to see em again :)

    I was just bored and wanted to post pics of the yellow car, since this is the V6 forum ;)

    Eh, maybe later I will :)
  8. Looks good Linz.

    Where's the exhaust videos?

  9. Thank you :)

    I love seamen :) :nice:
  10. no, i'm a graphic artist, but i work for my dad who's starting an aviation museum in pearl harbor. i took those out on the old runway on ford island (that's the big island in the middle of the harbor that got bombed to **** by the japanese). that hangar is actually one of the three that we're turning into the museum. i was just helping a few guys fix one of our old L-19s when i snapped those. i'm not really an airplane guy, but everybody i work with is, so its kinda rubbed off on me a little.:D :shrug:
  11. nice car very clean look. just wondering in your sig it says your sponsored by excessive motorsports east, im in MD and there is a shop here called excessive audio i was just wondering if they were related at all.

    where did u take the pic of all the yellow stangs the one w/ the cobra r wind looks pretty sick
  12. My question is I am at 194 hp and 220 tq and have only gotten the best time of 15.62.

    I would love to see some video of your high 14's pass?
  13. Excessive Motorsports East is a mustang and lightning performance shop here in Northern Virginia. They aren't related to the one in Md.
    The yellow stang pic was taken in Carlisle.. we are all members of the yellow mustang registry.
  14. I dont own a video camera, but I can ask around and see if any of my friends have some of them on tape. We usually have at least 1 person taping the events. I know I have a 15.1 second run on tape somewhere cuz that was my consistant runs last time when I was at Cecil Co. Dragway. I'll ask my friend to see if he can load it on the computer for me :) And if not, I'll go back to the track this coming season (I think the tracks open back up in Feb?) and get one on someone I know for sure that can put it on the computer.
  15. Well, not to say anything but you stated that you were consistant in the 15.1's, that is off from high 14's.
  16. well with your mods and a manual tranny? .... stock you should be putting down 15.5s and with the mods ALOT FASTER THAN THAT, the area you run in and track conditions have alot to do with it.... but if all those are good then its all in the drive/car
  17. I dont have consistant runs in the 14s. a few, yes, but consistant, no. If I did an average of my runs (and I've made at least 600 passes down the track) I'd say the average time I run is a 15.1.