I'm doing the happy dance

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    It's the first step! The salesman had told me $500 deposit and they'd sell at MSRP. When the big boss entered the order, he modified the terms a little. Dropped the deposit to $250 and said they'd let it go for just over invoice -- that's their policy on all sold order cars that are not limited production. And never a markup, even on the limited production models.

    :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

  2. Cool, sounds like you'll be one of the first in this area to get an '05... hey you're in Hillsboro? Are you in the Mustang Wranglers club?
  3. Yeah, hope to be one of the first. This is the first 2005 ordered by the dealer I went to, so with luck that means mine will be one of their initial allocation. I do live out in Hillsboro. Not a member of Mustang Wranglers -- that's Jordan's club, isn't it?

  4. Dave that's ****ing SWEET! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
  5. Thats awesome dude! Wish I could do the same but im flat broke!
  6. I'm stoked, can't wait to get it. I just hope it's here before the end of October, so I can get it down to PIR once... :D

  7. You are a lucky man!!!
  8. Thats FANTASTIC! Congrats to you. From the looks of your order it'll be a sweet car.
    Salute` :flag:
  9. Do you know what the actual invoice price is gonna come out to be?
  10. Sweet ride man
  11. Not yet, Ford hasn't released pricing. The dealer thinks pricing will be available in a couple of weeks, I think it'll probably be the middle of August.

  12. Did you have to haggle much to get that price? Was there anything specific that you said that got them to let it go at that great price? Just curious because I am very interested in ordering a 2005 also, and would love to get a deal like that. =)

  13. Congrats man, keep us informed on how it all goes down.
  14. Wow, that dealer has to love you.. paying over invoice for a car.. I guess though if you want it that badly that you can't wait.
  15. Ummmm, when was the last time you paid under invoice, without any rebates? Not likely to happen anytime soon with the new Mustang, that's for sure.

    I suspect you are confusing invoice and MSRP.

  16. SWEET!!!!

    Way to go, Dave.

    Can't wait to see it next time we have a big NW meet.
  17. I'm stoked, can't wait to get it. Pretty depressing when you run the numbers, though -- still over 100 days to go, most of them sunny. :notnice: I Wish JOB1 were sooner!

  18. Dave

    My dealer told me mine may come in as early as 6 weeks. That makes it late July early August. He said in his experience that early allocation cars have a priority.

    Hoping he's right.

  19. Cool, but you dont know how much? What if it comes out to be 30K LOL, then what can you cancle or are you locked in...maybe thats why you payed 250 so you wouldnt be locked.Good luck, hope you like it alot.
  20. On my car I did.. The dealer still makes money from Ford for selling the car, dealer holdbacks you know.

    But you are right with the new Stang you are going to get screwed over, that is why I would wait for a while. But that is just me.